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Friday, April 11, 2014

Liberty Park with friends

Seems as if Spring just showed up the other day! I had met friends at Liberty Park (which is awesome by the way) and the weather was blazing hot! My boys were in heaven being outside. Hudson especially love his first time on the swings, and here are a million pictures to prove it :)
It is getting impossible to get pictures of this kid these days. He turns & hides the second he sees the camera.
Im just so obsessed with his smile and chunky legs in these pictures!!
These two :)
Kingsley is obsessed with running around outside, I think he just feels free to run away!
He is obsessed with his cousin Hawkes and loves to follow and copy everything he does :)
Hudson is so chill these days, and look at those eyes!
Photos with small children is impossible, these were sadly the best of the bunch..
And a picture of me all ready which is rare
Can't wait to spend all summer long outside with these two loves!

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  1. aww!! I love seeing pictures of your little guys. They are so darling and happy! You look great, too! xoxo