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Monday, April 28, 2014

Easter 2014 part 2-Neighborhood Egg Hunt

The Saturday before Easter we went to the annual breakfast and egg hunt over in the Kemp's neighborhood. It seriously is the greatest, I look forward to this every Easter. So we headed over in the morning to have a yummy breakfast with all the neighbors in the circle.
Kingsley loves his grandma Sandy so much.
I had so much fun dressing them up this Easter, and they totally had different outfits for different days. I may have gone a little bit overboard, but I blame that on the fact that I don't have a little girl so Easter is the only time pinks and pastels are appropriate for boys!
Love that King was holding Hudson's hand :)
Basically I couldn't get all three to look at the same time so I had to post a couple.
Hudson has randomly been rubbing his head when he gets tired like in the picture below.
After breakfast they took pictures. First of all the kids who had grown up in the circle.
Then of all the kids and grand kids.
Then they started the egg hunt. This is the best part & I think they have planned it out perfectly. So everyone in the neighborhood who has kids or grandkids participating in the hunt gives a number to Mary Lynn. (She is Sandy's neighbor and coordinates it) Then once they know how many (this year it was 60!) Sandy for example sets out 60 eggs. Now this is the great part the kids walk around to all the different houses and pick up one egg or treat from each house. It's sorta like halloween that way. What I really love about it is they send older kids one way and the younger kids the other around the circle, but since they are all just picking up one egg at each house it ensures that each kid no matter how young or old gets the same amount of treats/eggs. This makes it so fun for me to walk around with king and watch him pick up treats without worrying about rushing to make sure he gets enough eggs.
He really loved walking around and picking up treats. Holidays are just so much more fun with kids.
Hudson of course just enjoyed riding around in the stroller.
I loved these cute hanging baskets.
Kingsley was stoked daddy came with us this year.
Sweet Huddy :)
I just love these chunky legs!
I love that Hudson isn't mobile yet so I can take tons of pictures of him :)
*I don't know why I enjoy dressing my boys up so much. It's literally become an obsession. I just think dressing tiny people is so cute. Plus I made both sets of bow ties which I was pretty proud of :)

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