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Monday, March 3, 2014

Kingsleys Nursery

I have been meaning to post these pictures of Kingsley's nursery forever! I just kept wanting to add a few finishing touches which of course never seem to end, but when we finally bought a house (more on that later) I knew I had to document it before I left it behind. It has such special memories for me. My family & my cousin Brooke helping me paint it white. Then both my sister in laws Amy and Meghan helping me stencil on the triangles which was so much work! Being able to choose and decorate his little space all on my own. And most importantly bringing home my first baby boy. Loving and cuddling him in that room. It was just such a happy space and my favorite room in our whole house. 
I am missing that dream space today.
Love looking at all the different pieces that make it special like the quilt my mother in law Sandy made, the gold mirror from my dad, and all the DIY pieces I made before his arrival.
without the curtains for better lighting.
Well I hope to post new pictures of our house and the boys rooms soon, though I don't know if it will compare to this but I'm hoping it will come close :)


  1. This is so cool. You really have a talent for design. Also, isn't cool to see you have a visitor from Israel on your live feed?

    1. Thanks! I forget that people even look on here besides me :)