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Monday, March 3, 2014

Hudson is 4 months!

And another month flies by!
We just love our little "Huddy Buddy" as we call him. He has the sweetest little face, and I love kissing his cheeks!

So at his 4 month appointments these were his stats:
Weight: 22% @ 14 pounds
Height: 37% @ 25 inches
Head Circumference: 74% @ 43cm

I was surprised and sad that his weight had tapered off. It didn't drop as drastically as Kingsley's had at 4 months, but it felt disappointing to see his weight go down. It's odd because he just looks pretty chubby to me, so I didn't expect to have to worry about my milk supply AGAIN.... WaWa What's really stressful is the fact that Hudson won't take a bottle so my breast milk is the only source of food he is getting. This is probably my biggest regret with Hudson, is not sticking with the bottle so I could leave him or give him formula. I just was so worried about my milk issues with Kingsley that this time around I focused solely on breastfeeding. So basically I traded one mistake for another. Because of that I have started to give him rice cereal which he eats fairly well. Which will be refreshing since Kingsley hardly could eat any form of mush until 8 months!
Anyways enough about that. Hudson's schedule is still all over the place. I'm sure some of it is my fault not being consistent on when I lay him down, but I just can't seem to find a natural rhythm with him. I will think I have it all figured out but then after a couple days it all changes. He is just so unpredictable, especially at night. I never know when he is down for the night? Sometimes 8pm, 10pm, or later if I put him down early and he wakes up thinking it was only a nap. During the day he is a pretty good sleeper though. Seems like he takes 2-3 naps and sometimes a two to three hour nap in the afternoon. I swear he will sleep the longest if I nurse him in my bed little stinker. We don't swaddle him anymore, and he alwasy sleeps with his head tilted back and his hands up by his face. He has been sleeping in a bassinet in the closet, but as of the last couple nights we have moved him up to King's old crib. Something nice about Hudson is he it is a pretty sure thing he will fall asleep in his car seat and will stay asleep when I transfer him too.
Hudson just loves attention. He loves to be talked to, held and played with. He is very smiley and is also really ticklish which I love. He doesn't enjoy tummy time much, but spends more time in the mamaroo, bumbo, playmat, & bouncer. He also is pretty interested in the tv. He is getting very aware of his hands and is constantly sucking on them. (as seen below) He holds his head up totally now which makes carrying him around easier. He recently has started to enjoy holding onto his sophie giraffe and ball. It is fun to have him be more interactive, Kingsley especially loves it and always wants to get his little ball for him to hold :)
Kingsley wanted Hudson to sing into his mic, funny big brother :)
Love this little monkey of mine. He has transitioned into a much easier baby, although he seems either happy or furious there is not much in between. He is just very particular in what he wants I guess. This sweet little boy is just too adorable!

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