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Monday, September 10, 2012

Samantha comes to visit

Last month we were so ecstatic to finally meet & hang out with Samantha! (And parents of course :)) 
Kingsley & Samantha are about a month apart. It's so fun to have a friend (Rachelle) with a baby almost the same age! To be able to nurse together, talk about naps & baby things :) 
Rachelle & Samantha had a slumber party with us one night, so I got the babes matching pajama's :) They were not so sure about it at first..
Can't help but laugh about this picture!
We turned on some music for them so they could have a dance party :)
These faces crack me up
That night we watched the olympics & ate ice cream with our sister wife Rachelle :)
Morning photoshoot
Right after I caught Samantha pulling out King's hair
He forgave her
We got to celebrate Rachelle's Birthday with her
I think she wished that Kingsley & Samantha would get married one day :)
Now their awake, now their not..
These two best friends
We all went up to park city one evening
The boys
We miss you Perry's hope to see you soon!

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