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Friday, September 7, 2012

Kingsley is 3 months!

A little late in posting but King is now three months going on four!!
Here is the comparison of him at one, two & three months. It is so fun to watch him change & grow! Also kind of sad as he grows further & further away from being a tiny baby.
 Things we have noticed at three months: Kingsley definitely has the large Kemp head. Jeremy does not have this feature, but let's at least hope K gets a lot of hair to cover his big noggin! His eyes are a distinctive blue & he has the prettiest eye lashes. He gets them from his dad, though they are much more noticeable since they are black. (Jeremy's are blonde) He still seems pretty long & big but not chubby at all.
I know I describe him as happy every time, but he truly is always smiling. He loves to be talked to & also enjoys talking back. He also laughed for the first time at three months & it was the most adorable thing ever!! Hope to hear a lot more giggles from him! Kingsley loves to lay on his playmate & talk to his friends. He also enjoys hanging out & napping in his mamroo. He has started slobbering a ton this month. Seems like Jeremy & I are constantly wiping his face & the front of his outfits are drenched! He has discovered his hands. :) He loves to look at them & put them in his mouth as you can see below.
 King has progressed to sleeping 9 hours a night! I hope he continues to progress to 12 hours smoothly. We put him to bed around 10:30 and then he wakes up around 7:30, nurses & goes back to sleep for an hour or so. Our baby monitor arrives in a couple days & as soon as it does we will put him in his nursery. I am excited to see how he does without Diesel & Jeremy making noise & waking him up. At some point I hope he will sleep 8pm to 8am, but I know it takes time. What I really am concerned about is K's napping habits. It surprises me that he goes down so easily at night & stays asleep so well but won't do it during the day. He takes many cat naps throughout the day. Sometimes 45min or only 15min. The only way I can get him to stay asleep is to hold him which sometimes I break down & do to keep him asleep. Hopefully I can figure out his schedule and how to get him to stay down for scheduled naps so I can get something done while he snoozes!
 I love being this kids mom & wake up so excited to spend the day with him! I still am adjusting to having full time baby duty as finding time to clean & take a shower seem nearly impossible at this point. There is also a day here or there where I will drive myself crazy trying to figure out why he is being fussy or wont nurse! Guessing if he is sick, if I ate something funny or that my milk is depleted is never fun! I really just wish he could tell me what the problem is sometimes. It definitely is the hardest job (that my husband doesn't quite seem to understand just yet) but I wouldn't trade it for the world! Love this sweet boy so much!!!

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  1. Ah! he's such a cutie! Love his little smile. I'm excited for when M and K are little buddies!