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Monday, May 14, 2012

Life Lately according to my iphone

We made it to Lagoon for the first time this year. Yes we are proud season passport holders. Jeremy hasn't caved yet, but I believe he will at some point.
Meg & Landon wanted Hawkes to fit right in with the Lagoon crowd so here he is sporting a jersey & a ponytail.
As you can see he loved it..
Jeremy bless his heart has not been all that helpful with the baby preparation, but I did get him to put together a few things. Here he is putting together our bookcases. You can see Diesel is really concerned with what is happening. I think he may sense he will not be our only child anymore.. He has already started to act out by ripping up a package of diapers & claiming a stuffed animal as his own chew toy. Poor guy doesn't know what's coming!
Also after much begging from me, Jeremy finally put together the stroller that Chris and Amy gave us. We are so excited to use it!
So with the weather heating up we have made it to the "pool" a couple days :) Yep I plopped my fat pregnant butt in with all the kiddos.
I have to say again how much I love our house & being able to walk in the back yard & hang out with everyone.
Especially since my cousin Brooke will make us snow cones occasionally which really hit the spot!
We had a blast celebrating Cinco De Mayo with our friends Matt & Annie this year.  
The boys made delicious carne asada. As you can see Jeremy (& I) dressed up, we were feeling very festive.
I suppose I have been nesting.. Using my skills acquired from working at Abercrombie back in the day folding and perfectly spacing hangers in the babies closet :)
note: this photo was taken before I spaced his clothes out. And yes he has more clothes than his father.
I now sport canckles most days.
Last week I headed up to St. George for a short visit to see my Grandparents & bring them back for my baby shower. It was so fun to hang out with them & our family that lives down there. It was a little too hot for me, but they were such great hosts & even got us girls pedicures :)
And last but not least we celebrated Mother's Day yesterday. We went to our sacrament as well as my parents to listen to my mother & Prezley sing. They did an awesome job, especially Prezley since she was up all night & that morning throwing up! I was so excited to finally use the chocolate fountain Jeremy & I got when we were first married. At first it was a little tricky, (probably because I didn't read the instructions all the way through oops.) But in the end it worked great & we will have to pull it out more often because chocolate covered anything is delicious!

We of course love our Mom's and all they do for us. Love you guys, & hope I can be half as good as a Mother as both of you are!
I'm sure plenty of other things have been happening, but these events were what I had documented with my iphone :)

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