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Monday, May 21, 2012

Ballam/Hansen baby shower

This is the last baby shower I am going to blog about, I promise :) My aunt Pam threw me the most wonderful baby shower where we invited my mother's side of the family, Jeremy's Hansen side of the family and friends of both our parents. It was quite the mix of people, but so awesome to have everyone come and support us.
Pam's decorations were so adorable & fit for a little gentlemen :)
The food was yummy, I especially loved the home-made raspberry butter!
We were beyond spoiled with presents, everyone was so generous!
haha Prezley's face in this picture..
these pictures aren't so great since I entrusted Jeremy with my camera..
We got so many sweet hand made items. Those Hansen aunts are so crafty :)
I was sad Jeremy didn't get any pictures of his side of the room with his mom, aunts & grandma Hansen :(
Don't mind that I couldn't quite cross my legs in the picture below, but you have:
myself, my mom, aunt Pam, and my grandma Ballam who came all the way from St. George to attend.
Thanks Pam for al the time and effort you put into my baby shower you are the best!!

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