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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

The Jer Bear

Since today is Valentines Day & we just celebrated Jeremy's birthday, I figure I will combine the two for an I love my husband post. :)
We were up in Utah over Jeremy's birthday so it was nice to be able to celebrate it with family & friends, and just have more resources all together. I went all out for his b day since I figure with all the upcoming changes birthdays may get more boring for the jer bear. On the 4th we woke up late and ate a yummy breakfast that my mother & I had gotten ready the night before. He then opened his presents which included a Chicago Bears infant onesie, a clarisonic skin cleanser, a gift certificate to get his truck detailed, and a spa day! Needless to say I am still paying for it.. He was happy & I felt good that he was surprised by all of my gifts. 
 Just thought you might want to see a close up of my beautiful cake :)
That afternoon Jer headed to the spa with my dad to get a gentleman's facial. :) I had also given my dad a spa day for his birthday so they could both relax together. That evening we went with Jeremy's parents to Teppanyakis for a delicious dinner. Pretty sure Jeremy ordered the lobster & crab! I guess you can do that sort of thing when it's your birthday. After dinner we headed to the Farmington theatre to meet up with some of my family & friends to see the movie Chronicle. Unfortunately it wasn't very good, but Jer promised me it didn't ruin his birthday. Sorry to all those we invited to come with us.

Here Jer is with his ice cream cake. 
We saved it for the superbowl half time. Yep he is 34. We both struggle with how old we are, as we often forget since it seems when you get a certain age no one asks how old you are anymore.
A couple days later we did get to see a better movie The Vow. It wasn't the greatest or anything but it did make me think how lucky I am to be happily in love with my best friend. So though we actually have nothing special planned for this Valentines day I still feel grateful to be able to spend it with my hubby who I adore. I always tell him that I don't believe in soul mates... but if I did I know he would be mine :)

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