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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

California Love

This last week we made good use of our part time schedule & spent a great week in CA. We stayed at our good friends the Perry's in San Juan Capistrano. It is so nice to hang out with them as they are also expecting a little girl just a month before we are due! Friday Rachelle had the day off work so we headed over to Burke Williams for a pregnancy spa day! It really felt so nice to be pampered. Since we couldn't use the sauna or get in the hot tub they gave us our own private room for a maternity bath which was so relaxing. 
We also got facials! This is only my 2nd facial I have ever had, but I love how refreshing my skin feels afterwards & wish I could get them more often.
After the spa Rachelle & I headed over to Babies R Us to try & get a handle on all the things we will need before our babies get here. It was overwhelming to say the least with a million different bottles, diapers & pacifiers to choose between! Hopefully I will start to get a handle on these things within the next couple months..
On one of the days we were in CA I met up with my sister in law Amy to look at furniture in LA which is always awesome! It was so much fun even if we spent half the time at the gap spending our budgets :) 
After a couple days of relaxing, eating Jeremy's favorite breakfast burritos every morning & hanging out we headed down to San Diego to stay with the Tate's for a couple days. Jeremy mainly golfed, but when it was a rainy morning we happily headed to the San Diego Zoo for the afternoon! Thanks Meg for the free entrance passes :) We took a bus around the zoo so we wouldn't have to walk so much & decide which animals we wanted to go back around & see up close. I know that sounds super lazy but the San Diego zoo is huge!! It takes all day to walk around that whole place! These were actually the only pictures I took all week.
Monkey's are always so entertaining!
buddies :)
This guy came right up to us and smiled, so sweet!
Seeing the animals up close is just so fascinating. I was so sad I didn't get to see the Koala's since they were reinventing their housing, but I have to say seeing the ginormous hippos was probably the highlight of our day.
It is so nice to have friends & family in California they we can hang out with when we need a break from Mexico.

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