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Thursday, November 17, 2011

Weekend Wedding

This weekend was packed full with friends, family & a wedding! Jeremy was a groomsman for his very good friend Chris Tate. So we stayed in San Diego with our friends Wes & Rachelle which was so much fun. Wes was also a groomsman.
On Friday I went with Sandy, Chris and the little boys to Disneyland! Jer & Earl were off golfing of course. Earl & Sandy were also in town for the wedding. We had so much fun. The weather was great and I love being there during Christmas time when all the decorations are up. Wish I had some pictures from our day.
Saturday we headed to the sealing at the San Diego temple. It was so neat being there at the sealing. It reminded me of the day Jeremy & I were sealed & how nervous & overwhelmed I was. Afterwards it was pouring rain so we didn't really take pictures. That night we ate at a nice restaurant with the view of the ocean. My husband had tons of fun talking and joking with everyone. He sure is a social butterfly.
Sunday Rachelle & I just relaxed while the boys headed back up to San Diego for a brunch.
Monday (A day I finally have pictures of) was the wedding dinner. Megan's mother did all the decorations and the place looked great. I thought it was so fun that she chose a peacock as the theme with colors and everything.
I loved the little touches of golf stuff for Chris :)
Here is the beautiful head table overlooking downtown San Diego.
Dessert table
Place settings
Loved these monograms on the back of Chris & Megan's chairs

Everything was so lovely
I loved the elegant decorations, but was glad the dinner was very casual and fun. They started off by bringing around appetizers & sparkling cider which I love!
Deanne, Rachelle, & I
Jeremy with his fellow bald friends :)
The beautiful bride & groom. You can't tell by this picture, but her hair was amazing especially in the back. I thought her bouquet was super original too.
Groomsman Wes & Jeremy with Chris & Megan.
They had a short program where a few were allowed to speak.. I was so proud of the sweet things Jeremy said about his friend & that he didn't embarrass him! (Ha the bride was very nervous to let Jeremy have the microphone)
I wish I got a picture of all the bridesmaids in their pretty dresses but below you can see our favorite bridesmaid Megan Hanks talking.
It was so fun to get all dressed up.
We are so excited to welcome Megan into our little crew of friends & are so happy for Chris. The wedding festivities were awesome & we were so happy to be a part of them.
Me, Jeremy, Megan, Chris, Wes, Rachelle
Don't you just love weddings?? I know I do! We are so excited because after Chris & Megan get back from their Europe honeymoon, we all head over to Hawaii for a little fun!!
Congrats Chris & Megan! We wish you all the best!


  1. Cassie,

    Your dress is so beautiful! Where did you get it? I love the color.

  2. I second Sienna! You look gorgeous lady! Love the dress...