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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Thanksgiving in Mazatlan

Well we just returned from Mazatlan where we spent Thanksgiving with the Kemps. It seems I am always destined to be in Mexico since I married into a family of Mexico lovers. Obviously Jeremy has lived in MX now for 9 years & speaks fluent Spanish, Earl works with & owns property in MX, & Chris speaks spanish and went on his mission to Mazatlan. Yep I'm doomed.. ha Anyways our trip was exhausting at times but fun nonetheless! 
We spent lots of time hanging out at the house
we mostly ate at the house or the golf club house, but we did make it to our favorite  Cuchupetas twice.
to get this yummy dish
Jeremy & Earl mostly golfed. While by mostly I mean every day.
the girls relaxed by getting pedicures & massages.
On the warmer days we had fun at the pool. Truman was like a little fish, he loved it!
I am so sad I was so bad at taking pictures of our trip but especially of Teddy & Truman seeing the turtles because they were obsessed with them.
I was determined to have a traditional thanksgiving feast so we headed to the mega in town. They didn't have all the things we wanted but Chris saved the day by bringing the stuffing & gravy. The turkey (if you can even call it that) on the other hand was a total disaster! Take a look what we found when we sliced it open...
Seriously talk about disgusting! I guess we should have been suspicious when the lady asked us if we wanted it sliced. The boys said it tasted like turkey, ham and nuts. Weird.

Big E wanted some family pictures so we figured might as well take them in Mazatlan. Since the ones of the whole family are part of his Christmas present I won't spoil it by posting it now. Here is a cute one of the Kemp boys:
and Chris, Amy, Truman, & Teddy.
Big E and Sandy
other fun activities included going to the beach. 
Jer & Truman showering off after making sand castles.
this little guy is so sweet. He loves his uncle Jeremy to death & it is so cute!
Jeremy & I are so thankful for family.
Hope everyone had a happy thanksgiving!

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  1. Looks like an amazing Thanksgiving! That place looks so pretty!