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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Sparkles* our new friend

So diesel & I had been in a slump this last week. We were feeling unhappy. 
We felt like a lot of bad things happened to us this month.. 
(And they really did, believe me!)
We seemed to always be on the verge of tears.. 
We missed our family & friends. 
We felt left out of all the fun things everyone was doing for summer. 
We just felt very alone & lonely.
And it seemed like Jeremy was alway picking on us!

Then we woke up Tuesday morning, & we were feeling a little better.  We had a feeling TODAY was going to be DIFFERENT.. We were motivated to clean :) (well do the dishes, laundry, & make the bed at least!) We worked on a sewing project we had been meaning to finish for a while, & we decided to go outside and enjoy the sunshine. I even let Diesel swim. Ok kidding I made him swim, he hates it. I just felt it necessary that he learn in case the tide comes in fast one day & he is stranded in the water. (hey it could happen.)
Anyways moral of the story is we were having a lovely day & feeling glad to possibly be out of our slump. So when Jeremy came home from work I convinced him to come to the beach with us instead of going to the gym so he could see Diesel swim.
But when we got to the water we started to notice a bunch of blue blob like things floating everywhere and realized they were JELLYFISH!!! 

At first I was sad that now we couldn't swim and Jer would want to go to the gym.. but then he had the idea maybe we should try to catch one!! I was a little nervous so diesel & I watched from the shore as Jer used one of my rain boots to try and snag one. It seemed like he tried forever until he finally caught one!
We took it back to our house and put it in a fish bowl. Jeremy said I could name it.
So I am proud to present to you *SPARKLES* because she glistens with little specks of glitter!

Diesel was not so sure he liked our new friend..

Even though jellyfish are quite terrifying to me and can be very dangerous, there is something very beautiful and mystical about them at the same time. This made my day very eventful and fun.
Love, Cass

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  1. can i just say i love your blog? your just silly and your personality is totally the same via blog world and i love that. but i will say your life is a little rough right now and it may be my comic relief. seriously... you live in mexico!
    i will be living like 8 hours north of southern california :( i know it sucks.
    ps sparkles is amazing. i want one!