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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Bugs, Bugs, BUGS!!

So this weekend we headed up to San Diego for a break & to hang out with our friends Wes and Rachelle. They are loads of fun. 

However Diesel had a really bad weekend. Which then ruined my weekend. :(
Not to get too graphic or I will start itching.. but on our drive up I noticed something in Diesel's fur. After further investigation I found out that it was two TICKS stuck together. YUCK!!! SO I quickly got out my tweezers and Jer pulled them out. Once we got to our destination I pulled up "ticks" on the internet cause I was concerned for my little guy. It showed lots of gross pictures. I also read a lot of concerning things about diseases they carry. So we decided to do a thorough check to make sure Dies was tick free. We searched everywhere & thought we were home free until we checked in between his back toes... AND sure enough there were 2 more ticks sucking my poor babies blood. I almost cried. I felt so bad for him, but at the same time was creeped out and didn't want any bugs on me.
So the next morning we took him to get shaved and washed to lower my stress and worrying. Though when we picked him up they informed us he had FLEAS!
So here I am thinking Ticks & Fleas??!! Am I like the worst dog owner on the planet or have we just gotten really unlucky? I mean I wash Diesel at least 2 times a week.
Just unlucky I guess. We found out the friend who's house we were staying at was where diesel came across the flea's because his poor dog was infested. So I felt bad, but we quarantined diesel the rest of the trip so hopefully it wouldn't spread.
I have somehow become a very anxiety prone person in the last month because this should have been no big deal. But man it drove me crazy all weekend. I kept feeling super itchy thinking bugs were on me, & even woke up at 5am one morning to search for fleas on dies for a good 3 hours. (Which does no good just fyi: fleas are tiny fly like bugs and even if I would pull one out it would fly back in. And they are almost impossible to grab in the first place because the just hid in the fur.) FRUSTRATION!!
Anyways sweet diesel has now been thoroughly washed and medicated, and was a champ thru the whole process. So about $100 later he is bug free. Yay!
Also Jeremy was a sweetheart helping me even though I know he thought I was being a little crazy. Love him :)
Isn't he adorable, who sleeps like that?
So there were positive parts of the trip like being able to eat good food and getting to go shopping with Rachelle. One of the days we got to go to her friends shop who was also hosting a bunch of vintage shops as well. It was so fun! Here are a few pics I got with my Iphone using my favorite app hipstamatic.

That's my cute friend Rachelle. :)
Oh and I almost forgot we also had a fun trip riding Jer's harley thru some scenic places. I am no way a biker chick & most of the time Jer has to bribe me with something to even get on it for 5 minutes, but I am happy to say it was very pleasant.

Anyways hope you had a fun Bug free weekend!


  1. Poor Diesel! That is awful, Cassie. I would have reacted the same way so I don't think you are crazy at all... But I guess that could just mean we are both crazy ;)

  2. Poor little guy! I feel so bad for him. I love your pug shirt you have... way cute!
    We're glad he's all better now.