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Monday, June 15, 2015

San Felipe 2014

Jeremy needed to renew his Visa so in November 2014 we decided to take a little trip back to our old stomping grounds for a couple of days. We decided it would be too difficult to travel with Hudson as well so my parents luckily babysat him. The trip didn't start out well when they lost Kingsley's bag so we had to wait half of the day for it!
Luckily Kingsley was such a champ & made the trip super easy. He just watched movies on his ipad the whole 4 hour drive to San Felipe.
We had a fun trip & Kingsley honestly loved it. I have to be honest though I wasn't as happy to visit my old home as I thought it would be. Turns out the second we got there I felt lonely, bored, and anxious to leave. Honestly I think it brings back too many hard feelings from when we lived there. Although I love many things about San Felipe, and think it was such a good experience for us as newly weds, I doubt it will ever be one of my favorite places to visit. I also think I felt a little lost and sad without my Huddy. Surprisingly I missed him pretty badly, even though I'm positive it would have been a nightmare to travel with him.
The first morning I was excited to take Hudson out to the beach, but the tide was out too far so Kingsley got tired walking and didn't like getting all muddy. I was bummed he hated it. Luckily that afternoon the tide was coming in, making it the perfect place for him to play with sand and the shallow water! It really is the perfect beach for kids when the tide is in.
We ventured out to the new pool, which is really nice and modern though I actually still prefer the old pool with it's palm trees and bar & grill. Kingsley of course loved swimming.
Dad of course was more fun than me.
Of course Kingsley loved riding around in the golf cart and putting with his dad.
Kingsley would only eat rice, beans, and chips all week.
Kingsley had so much fun when we went in town for shrimp festival. We of course had to buy him the typical mexican poncho for a souvenir.
He also loved going on all of the shady carnival rides. :)
We made it out to the each one last time with daddy which was fun.
Kingsley loved when Jeremy would help him jump waves!
Love his face of pure joy.
We came back up to San Diego and got to go to the childrens museum with Samantha and Rachelle.
The trip wore out this little buddy.

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