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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Up cycled Moccasins

 I was so excited when my sister in law gave Kingsley these cute moccasins from baby gap. But sadly as you can see below they got trashed pretty quickly. Kingsley spit up on the top of one of them leaving a stain, and all the edges turned a dark blue color from rubbing on my pants I guess. I was so bummed they looked so nasty since they were my favorite pair of shoes he owned.
 Then I had an idea.. Why don't I whip out the fabric paint & cover them?! Are you surprised I choose gold? They covered all of the bad spots very well. They did make the moccasins a little stiffer, but besides that I think they turned out quite nicely :)
So I threw on some of Kingsley's other hand painted things to take some pictures.
I forgot I have even made these leggings!
This last one is so sad, Kingsley obviously did not want any more pictures taken.
Seems lately all my posts are about crafts. Probably because that's all I can seem to find to entertain myself in this nasty weather. I am gonna try really hard to post things about my family & what we are up to even though it is nothing special.

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