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Monday, June 11, 2012

Kingsley's Newborns

I decided that since the last batch of newborns I took turned out so well, I would just take Kingsley's myself. Plus Jeremy didn't want to shell out the money to have someone else take them. This turned out to be far more difficult than I expected. First off Kingsley is such a well behaved easy baby, but for some reason every time I started snapping some shots the little guy would suddenly be wide awake flailing around every where. I learned early on not to even attempt to take his diaper off because this kid poops & pees a million times a day. The other thing that was hard is I would take a bunch of pictures one day but then want to redo them the next because this kid gets more & more handsome each day! He looked so chubby in the beginning with nothing but cheeks where as time went on he slimmed down, but as you pass the 10 day old mark newborns are more awake making it a lot harder for you to position them & get the shots that you want. I'm sure I am being a lot more picky too being that it is my own son. Anyways I will definitely be paying someone else to take newborns next time around!
None the less here is what I got of my sweet boy :)
I made this crown myself using lace, fabric stiffener, & paint. I will post a tutorial later when I get around to it..
Such a little chubs in the beginning :)
Do you see any resemblance? I always love to hear peoples opinion on who he looks like.
All my boys.
This series turned out the best, so I had a hard time narrowing them down
Love this little ones head of hair.
I unfortunately over exposed a ton of the pictures but sad fully I couldn't tell on my camera screen so I just had to lean on photoshop to fix them.
I painted these blocks to match Kingsley's nursery. 
He obviously wasn't happy about this..
These pictures are horribly over exposed, but they make me laugh so I had to post them
Kingsley must have had gas because he was all smiles 
Diesel is uninterested in the new addition to our family, he totally just ignores him.
If we don't have him swaddled he loves to sleep with his arms up like this :)
My best attempt of showing how long this kid is
So nice that this kid loves his binkie.
Happy as a clam this one, hope he stays this way.
Can't get enough of this little guy, I'm sure pictures of him will take over our blog from now on :)


  1. ADORABLE!!! He is is precious!! You did such a great job taking his pictures!

  2. Cassie, he is so cute! The pictures you took are absolutely adorable, what an amazing talent you have! I love all of them, you could get people to pay you to take pictures...if you lived here I would hire you. :) I hope you are doing well and enjoying being a Mom to your new little man.