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Wednesday, December 14, 2011


I was so happy to be able to go to Hawaii this year. It is like disneyland for grown ups :) We spent most of our time on the North Shore of Oahu at the most awesome beach house. Here we are on the porch overlooking the ocean.
It was so fun to watch the huge waves change every day. 
And just to clarify there is a HUGE difference for me with Hawaiian beaches and Mexican beaches. Hawaii has the softest sand, clear turquoise water with warm temperatures & really good waves for surfing and such.
The view from the ocean of our beach house
We had fun visiting the polynesian cultural center one day. Jeremy especially loved learning all the interesting facts about the different islands.
We went to the luau that night.
We of course stopped by Matsumoto to get some yummy shaved ice
Jer, Me, Megan & Chris
We saw a couple of rainbows :)
Jer as a mermaid
Jer of course had to fit in a couple days golfing
The girls tagged along for the turtle bay course
We barely missed the big pipe masters surfing competition by a day, but did get to watch them practicing the day before.
Crazy to see all of them out on the waves
Jeremy & I had met up in Oahu when we were still dating two years ago, & had taken a silly picture back then. So we decided we would take the same picture every year we come to Hawaii to see our progress :)
                                     2008                                                                      2011
After a relaxing time on the north shore we said goodbye to our awesome beach house..
and headed to Honolulu for our last full day.
The resort was heaven!
We had a lovely time and hope to make it back to Hawaii many more times!

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  1. Looks so amazing! I've never been to Hawaii and REALLY need to get there...