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Monday, November 8, 2010

What will you put on your tree?

So last year as we were getting ready for Christmas & talking about tree's specifically, Jeremy informed me of a tradition his family has. Their grandma used to decorate the tree all in one color every year. Some years all white, some gold, but the year she died the tree had been all red. So Jeremy told me every year that our main tree HAD to be red. ALL RED. Now I think the tradition is so super sweet.. but all red? Every year? Really takes the fun out of decorating a tree! (Amy you are lucky Chris hasn't adapted this tradition!) So as we fought back & forth over the tree situation Jeremy settled that we could have 2 tree's as long as the MAIN tree is red. Fine. I can live with that. So I started browsing & decided I am going to start my very OWN tradition. Every year I will decorate my tree as a theme. 
Something like a woodland tree with a moose & acorns.
 Possibly Russian dolls theme, since they are my current obsession.
Chinese ceramic theme. 
 Hot Air balloons would be fun.
 Or how about bedazzled birdcages, india inspired, sparkly north pole creatures, or the zoo!

 I mean the possibilities are endless! Picking just ONE is the hard part.. I may have to have many small tree's instead :) 
All ornaments found via anthropologie.
I mean seriously that place amazes me. Ornaments from every range of the spectrum! Don't get me wrong some of their stuff looks like home made vomit to me, but the rest is truly lovely!
Do any of you have holiday traditions that you love?


  1. HAHAHAHA!!! It is funny how stubborn these boys can be in the most random situations!

  2. I know seriously! It's like most of the time the could care less & then all the sudden it's serious business on the most random things. Crazy!