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Thursday, November 18, 2010

New friends & Jer's back!!

Look at these beauties!! They are my new friends. I have always wanted a mannequin to be able to put my creations on. They make an awesome addition to my craft room! (Thanks Meghan & Landon) :)
Speaking of my craft room.. It used to look like this..
 And has evolved into this..
I know, it's kind of a HUGE mess. (This is after Jer made me clean it up by the way) Don't worry that I have been meaning to finish that green dress for month's now.. Somehow it turned into a decoration. With all my accumulated stuff & christmas crafts it's hard to keep clean. Plus I like all my stuff out so I know what I have and don't forget about anything. I know I need some sort of organization.. maybe in January? 
Ps- Just so we are clear I absolutely HATE that framed piece of art on the wall. Pisses me off every time I look at it. Looks like a breakfast face & it bugs me. Just had to say it.

In other news my Jer Bear is back!!! Not that he was really physically gone, but he just wasn't himself the last 2 weeks. He was really stressed with work & a church calling looming over his head, among lack of sleep & other things. Not that he didn't want a calling, he is just a control freak so it really bothers him to not know what's going on. Anyways he was such a bummer the last 2 weeks in his own world & pretty quiet which I hate.
I am SO glad he is feeling better! It makes me grateful for his usually happy & positive demeanor. He really is such a joy to be around 99% which is so great. I love hanging out with him, so yay he is back! Love him.
 Just in time!


  1. sweet mannequins~!!! I envy your craft room, clean or dirty, I need one!! Have fun on your cruise!

  2. What calling did he get?
    I like that painting btw :)