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Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Potter's in St George 2014

Every year we take a trip to St George courtesy of my Grandparents. It's always so fun to take a little vacation, hang out with family and visit with my sweet Grandma & Grandpa Ballam. We were sad that Nick, Erin, Atlas & Cosby couldn't make it this year. We stayed in a new house this time that was awesome! It had a billion rooms, lots of space, and a pool in the back. 
First off we headed to the splash pad where the kids had a blast. They basically had the whole thing to themselves.
Love this sweet face!
Love all these cousins, but it's so hard to get them to all look in a picture!
They also loved riding on the carousal. Kingsley and Tanner named his horse Bobby :)

The kids and adults absolutely loved the children's museum. It honesty is pretty cool, and super cheap. The kids probably loved the grocery store section the best.

The kids always seemed to get extra loud and hyper whenever my grandparents came over which wasn't ideal. One night we took them outside so my grandparents could watch them race around on their scooters and bikes. The kids could have stayed out their all night if we let them :) Hawkes and Kingsley loved racing!
One of the days we stayed at the house to hang out and swim.
It was so nice to be able to go out and swim whenever we wanted.
Most of the nights the boys all stayed up late playing basketball.

One of the nights we went to Tuachan's Little Mermaid and it was amazing!! We left Hudson to be babysat, because the show was pretty late. Kingsley really loved the show since he has watched the movie a bunch. It really was one of the best play/musicals I have ever seen, so I was so grateful my grandparents paid for us to go. Kingsley talked about it for weeks after.
We brought a blow up toddler bed for Kingsley & he was super excited about it! He did surprisingly well sleeping in it too! 
Another great trip, especially thanks to my grandparents! They sure spoil us and it's def a trip I won't forget!

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Hudson is 11 months

This is just too crazy. Hudson is 11 months and almost a year old! I can see why some people are obsessed with having babies, because they grow up just too dang fast.
I think the best way to describe my Hudson is outgoing, feisty, and determined. He is very friendly and loves interaction with people. He always wants to be held or played with. He can be dramatic when he doesn't get what he wants. For example if I walk past him without picking him up he will start bawling and throwing a fit. Hudson is very particular, and wants exactly what he wants when he wants it. He is a really funny kid.
New this month Hudson has had two teeth finally pop through. Poor guy has been miserable about it though :( He has been waking up in the middle of the night, early in the morning, and seems extra fussy at night. I feel badly for him because it seems like medicine doesn't soothe him much. This has thrown of his sleep and naps especially. We waiver between 1 and 2 naps depending on if he goes back to sleep in the morning after being up early.

My favorite new thing Hudson does is cuddle, give hugs & kisses. He will only snuggle with you for like 10 seconds, but it is the sweetest. His open mouthed kisses are pretty sloppy but I love them.
Hudson goes in and out of eating well depending on the day. I did reintroduce the baby food pouches, and he seemed to like it. He can be annoying to feed, because he will knock the spoon out of my hand or throw food on the ground. I have started to tell him NO, but he just smiles at me. I was nervous that when Huddy turned one he would struggle to switch over to regular milk so I wanted to ease him into it this month. Turns out he didn't notice at all. So I switched him over to whole milk which is so nice to be able to make him & Kingsley the same bottles. His I have to heat up though, because he doesn't like it cold like King did.
Hudson still crawls everywhere, but also walks a lot too. He loves to push his walker, or push our barstools around. Lately he has liked to walk around the couch holding on. He has no fear, it's funny when I take the boys to the park because Hudson is the one climbing on everything and going down the slide. King is the one more worried and cautious. He will only go down the slide if he is holding Huddy :) Hudson loves to walk around and hold my hand. Because he is such a busy body he doesn't love riding in the car or stroller much.
Hudson has been saying a few new words including ball, Doggie, ought oh, and thank you. He also still walks around saying Huddy, Huddy :)
His smile and sweet dimple melt me. I seriously love when he smiles so big with his eyes shut :)

Friday, September 19, 2014

Hudson is 10 months!

Late as ever, but Hudson is ten months! I can't believe how much faster it goes with the second one!!
This poor little peanut has had a rough month. He basically had a double ear infection, and cold all month :( I had to take him in twice to get a higher dose of medication because he just couldn't get rid of the ear infection. There was a week where he had the worst diaper rash due to constant diarrhea, and he threw up a couple times a day. He was miserable, it was so sad. Some of it is because he has been sick, but this little one is super needy. He always needs me to be holding him, or near where he is playing. He can only play or entertain himself for about 15min max before he comes to find me. He very much wants to interact & be played with. He does not enjoy just exploring around alone. Sometimes he whines for you to pick him up, points at a couple things, wants you to put him down & then whines to be picked up again. he is nervous to be left with Kingsley because he likes to smother him, but he usually freaks out every time I leave the room he's in.
Huddy has started to talk a little bit more. Besides momma and dadda he now says "Huddy" and "ball". It is so cute as he sits and plays and says his name over and over. Hudson is also so close to walking! He can stand up all by himself and has taken 4-5 steps in a row. He loves to walk around while we hold his hands. He can be scary since he is so daring. He loves climbing up the stairs, up on the couch, or anything. 

Hudson loves to play with toys or wreck whatever Kingsley has built. He loves dumping out Diesel's water bowl & putting his hands in the toilet, the little stinker! He loves reading books. His favorite is "peek a who" which has a mirror at the back. Honestly when he's freaking out in the car (which he still hates) a book is the only thing that can calm him down an entertain him.
Hudson still loves his bottles. He will only finish 6oz or less in one sitting. He drinks about four a day, one when he wakes up, two before naps, and one when he goes to bed at night. Hudson is getting a lot pickier on what he eats. If I give him anything new he makes sure to pull it out of his mouth and look at it before he tests it out. He hasn't done baby food for a while now because he wants to eat whatever Kingsley is. For breakfast he usually eats oatmeal, but will occasionally eat toast or cereal. For lunch he likes mac & cheese, chicken, rice, chicken noodle soup, biscuits, or bits of sandwich. For Dinner he eats mostly whatever we are but especially loves fries & pizza. Super healthy I know. He especially loves anything he can feed himself and loves to use the spoon to suck off food. He still has no teeth so I have to be careful not to give him big pieces to choke on. He also loves to drink water out of a sippy cup.
Hudson's schedule is pretty consistent still. We put him down at 8pm and he wakes up around 8am. He then goes back down at 11 for an hour or hour and a half, I then put him back down with King for a second nap for an hour or so.
We just love this baby of ours, his sweet dimpled smile melts my heart!

Kingsley lately

While doing Hudson's monthly updates Kingsley always wants to jump in the photos. So I figured it's about time for a little update on him. Kingsley is currently 28 months.
Where do I even begin to describe this kid. He is just so easy and happy going. He loves T.V and would watch all day if I let him. The shows he likes most are paw patrol, bubble guppies, and wally kazam. His favorite movies are Dumbo, Peter Pan, Cinderella, and Ariel. Kingsley absolutely loves to play outside! Our yard is a little difficult since we are on a busy rode and the back yard has steep rocks. He does love to play with the water table we put out back even though he is always soaking when he's finished. He especially loves when we go over to grandma JUJU's because he can jump on the tramp, swing on the neighbors swings, or ride his scooter. He is so good on his scooter and loves to be just like his uncle Jacky. He loves to ride it to the park and has even started doing jumps.
Kingsley is so smart! He loves to do flash cards with animals on it. He can also count to ten and is getting better at his colors. He speaks really well, and remembers anything we say.
This kid is half way potty trained, I am going to get serious about training him this week. He already goes poop on the potty and has for a couple months, now we just have to work on going pee. He can pull down his pants and hop up on the big toilet by himself. He was never a fan of the small potty.
My new favorite thing Kingsley does is sing in the car. It's basically the cutest thing ever!
Kingsley is a very polite boy, always saying please, bless you, and thank you. He is a big helper to me. He will clean up his toys, feed Diesel, throw things away, and bring me things I ask for. He loves helping me clean too.
Sometimes Kingsley is not so great with Hudson. He wants to play with him but usually just smashes him or knocks him over. I am sure he will love it when Hudson is old enough to actually play with him. Kingsley eats the typical kid food such as nuggets, mac & cheese, and peanut butter and jelly sandwiches are probably his favorite. This kid especially loves sweets. Cookies, Ice Cream and Chocolate is his favorite. :) My growing boy now wears 2T tops but still 18-24m bottoms.
We just love this sweet Kingsley. He is the best!

Thursday, August 7, 2014

Hudson is 9 months!

My little Huddy Buddy! Oh how I love this little guy. I'm super late on posting this month, but hopefully I can remember everything. I have never thought this before but looking at these photos Hudson actually looks a ton like me as a baby.
 I promptly cut Hudson's hair after this picture since his sides are a gross mess. ha
 Hudson's 9 month stats:
Weight: 18 pounds 10 oz @ 27%
Height: 28.4 inches @ 41%
Head: 45.72 cm @ 65%

 So overall he is on the small side, but at least his head isn't huge. He was low on Iron, so I need to give him more formula since he doesn't breast feed at all.
 This guy has been slobbering a ton lately. I keep assuming because he is teething, there are still no signs of any.
 Hudson is still pretty hot & cold. He is either the happiest and smiling, or cranky and crying. Not very chill like Kingsley was. For the most part he is pretty pleasant though and gets the hugest grin when either Jeremy or I come in the room. He still doesn't like strangers, but has warmed up to all of the family, boys included.
 Hudson has some new tricks this month. Along with saying momma he has now learned how to say dada and babble other things. He has recently been chewing on his tongue and making clicking sounds. Hudson likes to wave his hands in the air, and can occasionally clap when I sing to say Patty Cake :) He also can give kisses which are very wet and open mouthed!
 Hudson's schedule has remained constant which is nice. He always goes down around 8-8:30 and wakes up around the same time. Sometimes 7:30 if King gets up loudly. He sporadically wakes up in the night and needs a binky and to be rocked or a bottle. During the day he takes two naps. Both about an hour and a half to two hours. He loves to chew on and cuddle with his snuggly. He occasionally falls asleep in the car if he is exhausted. Hudson loved baby food and would eat anything I gave him until we took a trip to California this month. All the sudden he wouldn't eat any of it and just sticks his tongue out. Strange because he doesn't have any teeth, but now he just loves any solid food. Chicken, beans, avocado, corn, watermelon, ham, spaghetti, honestly anything Kingsley is eating he wants. He is also obsessed with drinking water. He starts giggling and panting like a dog every time he sees me filling up a sippy he is so excited. He kinda chokes on it most the time. Hudson has recently stopped taking his binky which is a little sad for me.
 Hudson is such a busy body. He is always moving, crawling, or climbing. He loves to go up the stairs, so I need to teach him how to come back down. He pulls himself up on everything, cabinets, chairs, ect. He has started to walk and stand which is crazy to me. He loves to cruise around with his little walker as long as he can until Kingsley steals it.. He has even taken a few steps back and forth between Jeremy & I. He is pretty brave, so I bet he will walk soon. Because Hudson is such a mover he is also pretty accident prone. Kingsley was very cautious but Hudson is so confident that he is often falling or bumping into things. He got his first black eye this month, pulling some folding chairs over on him at Grandma JuJu's house. Although he is all over the place he still loves to be held. I need to remember to enjoy it because I know that won't continue much longer.
I just love to cuddle this sweet baby!