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Friday, November 19, 2010


Since I will be on the cruise over Thanksgiving I just wanted to jot down a couple things I am thankful for in my life right now.
*Diesel. My constant buddy so I never feel alone.
*The Ocean. Brings such a peaceful feeling.
*The Internet. I know it sounds bad, but I am so grateful to be able to stay in touch with my family & friends. It really is amazing how it can make me feel like I'm not a million miles away.
*My mom. I love that she let's me call her everyday. Even if we have nothing new to say. It always just makes me feel happier talking to her.
* Our Ward/Church. Even though it frustrates me not understanding anything half the time, & I get annoyed at the random things the old americans say. I truly am grateful to have such a unique opportunity to be apart of a growing bilingual & bicultural ward. The spirit can still be felt :)
*I am thankful for new friends who encourage me & entertain me.
*Being financially stable.
*Traveling. Though I don't like residing in MX, I am so glad for the opportunity to travel so often. Whether it's CA, UT or anywhere else, it truly keeps me sane. ;)
*Jeremy's family. I am so grateful for his family & how much they help & support us. Especially Chris & Amy for always letting us stay with them. Plus Truman & Teddy are the cutest, it will be so fun when our kids can play together.
*Freedom/Government. I love & respect all the people who fight for our country. I also really appreciate how our country is run. Even though I am not into politics whatsoever, & I know things are negative right now, seeing the way things work in Mexico I can't complain about what I have always had. Trust me it's a bazillion times better!
*Family. I love & cherish all my brother's, sister, sister in laws & nephew(s). After being married & away I realize how important they are to me. I care so much how they are doing & what's going on in their lives. I am so grateful for the relationships I have with each & every one of them, & their love & support of me.
*Grandparents. They really just are the best. I look up to them so much. Love them.
*The dvd player in Jeremy's truck. It REALLY helps on those long rides.
*Utah. It was a lovely place to live & grow up.
*Books. I have recently been a big reader. I love the entertainment it brings.
*My Dad. For always supporting our family & being the best example of what a loving, humble, honorable man should be. For giving me everything I ever dreamed of.
*Jeremy. For being the best husband ever! For always making me smile. For always letting me escape from Mexico to see my family & friends. For being so easy going & happy all the time. For not always saying or doing what I want, but being what I need. For always pushing me to be better. He truly makes me a better person. He is my best friend & so easy to live with. For loving Diesel more than I do.. haha. For working hard, & letting me spend his hard work.  For doing the dishes, I really hate to do them. For loving & supporting me. I truly am so grateful I married him.

Im sure there are a million other things I am grateful for, or should be thankful for, but those are just the ones that came to mind. Even though I complain a lot about living in Mexico I still am grateful for what I have or have had.
Here is a sneak peak of our recent family pictures with Kelli!
Hope everyone has a Happy Thanksgiving!


  1. Love all the grateful things. This time of year is the best! Have so much fun on your cruise! Can't wait to see pics!

  2. For sure Moms and dogs!! Seriously, that picture should be in a magazine! Beautiful!

  3. I found the most perfect gift for you. Pass this link on to Jeremy so that he can give it to you for your birthday:


    We need to get together when you get up here for Christmas, so plan on dinner with the girls.