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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

I'm back & dumber than ever!

We are finally back from our Thanksgiving cruise!!
It really was such a blast!! So many fun memories & pictures. 
I truly have the greatest grandparents in the world! This is the 2nd cruise they have taken us on!
I'm so glad Jer got to come this time. So fun to have a buddy.
Since I have been home I have become a slave to laundry.
I mean how can just 2 people have this many dirty clothes!!!
(I guess I should have done all the laundry before we left on our trip...)
So for the past 2 days I have been doing loads & loads of dirty clothes when I started to see water leaking on the floor. I told Jeremy when he came home from work so he pulled the washer & dryer out to reveal a huge puddle of blue gunk.. I tell Jer that the blue gunk smells similar to our laundry detergent. Jer searches & can't quite figure out where the problem is & where all the blue liquid is coming from. I explain to him I think it is our laundry detergent leaking.
Jer: "That's not possible because it's mixed in with the water so it wouldn't be this thick."
Me: "Well it doesn't go directly in the water, it filters through the top so it must get clogged there before going into the water?"
Jer: "Where are you dumping the detergent?"
Me: "Right there where it goes."
Jer: "Oh... so where it says Liquid Bleach only?"
Me: Ya... 
(thinking... what does that mean...thinking.. hmmmm..)
Me: "Oh I guess that's only for bleach & our detergent is not totally liquid..."
Jer: "How long have you been putting it there?"
Me: "Since we got married.."

Wow people could I be any dumber? I swear I know how to read.. I just used to have a washing machine where you put the liquid in the top... Or I think I did?
Anyways I got to climb behind our washer & clean all the blue gunk up.
It was SO fun. Jer just laughed at me.
New Years resolution: Get more smarter or something...
Stay tuned posts on cruise coming up!

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  1. hahaha Remember when you used fabric softener as detergent for like 4 months when we lived together? I think you're meant to have laundry maid!