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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Halloween Parties!!

Last weekend we got to attend 2 halloween parties! The were both full of awesome costumes, tons of decorations, yummy food & great people!
The first party was with some friends. Brianne was kind enough to host & she went above & beyond! Her house was so decked out I felt like I was in a haunted house, so fun!!
 I seriously need to learn how to make these cake pops! They are so cute :)
 Bone Breadsticks.
Brooke & Vaughn.
Jake & Brianne.
Randi & Morgan.
Witch, Mindi & Chey.
 Other couples.
 Jer & I.
 Red Rum? Apparently there age's bloody Mary.
 The whole crew including The Connors who I didn't get a couple shot of. Love them! It was so much fun hanging out with friends!
Brianne's cute dog passed out in the middle of the party :)
The 2nd Halloween party was on Sunday at my momma's house with all the close relatives who live near us.
 Here are pictures of Diesel in his lion costume from the night before. We ditched him at my grandparents house during the party, because he get's so rowdy with lot's of people & we didn't want all the kids feeding him.
 I printed out these cute Danny Brito toppers & stuck them on the mummies. :)
 Loved all the halloween themed food.
 I was very proud of my slasher halloween cake! Just wish the knife wouldn't have sunk.. Erin's pumpkin cupcakes were too cute.
 Brock & Kelli's costumes were so funny!
 Grey as a "nice" monster :)
Jer dressed up as a Mexican (very fitting) & I wanted to be comfortable so I just put together a nerd costume. Which I will really be soon since I truly need glasses.
Overall it was such a fun trip spending time with family & friends!
I LOVE halloween & can't wait till next year!!!


  1. Those sweatshirts were classic Cass! I wish I still had mine somewhere. Love the costumes!

  2. fun! i like halloween themed food too! and i really like that mermaid costume!

  3. The party looks like fun! But seriously jer whats with the faces in most of the pictures? Ha Ha

  4. Cassandra,

    Thanks for coming! You guys are awesome making the trek from Mexico. I know what a sacrifice that is for you.

    I am going to steal some of these pics, I hope you don't mind. I didn't take any of the inside :( I still need to send you the video and pic of Jer on the bull. I just need to figure out how to down load the video.