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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Back here in Mexico

It's weird being back in Mexico...
I have no one to talk to?
I'm not sad really, (yet anyway) more just in awe.
Wow I forgot this is my life..
What should I do now?
Our internet has been so slow for 2 days I tried to load the pictures from my week with no luck because it would time out or I would lose patience..
So I finally left my little dungeon & came to the pool.
Internet is MUCH faster! yay.
Also Michael Jackson is singing to me so I can't complain.
I also came home with a sunburn!
Yes still hot here.. so in your face Utah! (not really I didn't mean it.)
Except I got stung by a BEE! Yikes those things really hurt! I haven't been stung since I was a kid but I seriously got teary eyed.. Mainly because I am scared Mexican bee's carry diseases.
Jeremy has been busy at work :( 
Busy dealing with workers smoking weed on the job?? Funny.
Worker who found it told his boss, & then sold it. Even funnier.
His boss told his boss (Jeremy).  Supposable the culprit is this really old dude we know! SO funny. Jeremy wondered where the joints were? (Worker had sold them of course!)
Jeremy asked for the evidence. Worker had to buy the weed back but could only get 1 out of 3 joints back. Can this story get any funnier?
The things that happen in Mexico right?
Gave Jer & I a good laugh anyways.

Now that I am home I think I am jumping on the Christmas train! I know Thanksgiving is next, but I will be on a cruise so it won't really be a traditional holiday experience. Plus I am making or planning on making a lot of presents & decorations so I think I need to get started! Hopefully that will keep me entertained while I am back in Mexico.
Well there you have it. My random thoughts & stories.


  1. Cass I'm sad you are back in Mexico :( We need to get together again when you visit in December. Preferably after Christmas, when I will hopefully have a sewing machine, and you can teach me all your magic.

  2. I don't know how you do it out there. You are a better wife than I am. When you come back we should get a group together and go to lunch. It was fun to see you at Amy and Ashleigh's shower!

  3. Ok I am laughing so hard about that story, I had to read it to Morgan! Classic! It was so fun to hang while you guys were here ... can't wait until your next visit :)

  4. I kind of always go straight from Halloween to Christmas...Thanksgiving is just not fun to decorate for.