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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

The Mockingjay

This week at our house has felt like a elementary school read-a-thon. Minus the treats. :(
Jer read the first book of the Hunger games in 3 days & now is currently devouring the 2nd book Catching fire. Seriously he denied me the other night saying he was too tired, then within ten minutes flipped the lamp on his side of the bed & continued reading! So funny, he is obsessed.
Our house is literally silent, because I have been finishing the last book Mockingjay.
If you have NOT read the last book do not continue reading!
I was honestly pretty devastated finishing this book. A lot because it is over, but it also left it on a sour note for me. I felt as if the first 2 books were perfectly paced & really made you feel every hardship, emotion, death & triumph. Seriously sometimes I got teary eyed. (dorky I know) In this last book I thought it speed through all the action where I thought could have been explained more & really been enjoyable with more details. I also thought it got more violent, not in a disturbing way but felt like so many people died. I felt like main characters that I cared about were dying left & right with less then a couple sentences on each. Lots of the time Katniss was drugged up or in a depressing state, leaving little hope of recovery. In the end I was most disappointed in how the love triangle with Peeta, Gale & Katniss ended! Half the book she had given up on Peeta just leaving him to fend for himself when she went off with Gale to kill President Snow. Then to have Gale just go to another district at the end & her end up with Peeta with no real good explanation really bothered me. I really felt like they left out any real connection with Katniss & Peeta or Gale which should have been developed more, because in the end it didn't really seem like either would make that joyful of a reunion. It left little hope of a happy life or ever after.
So there you have it. I am a little angry because I loved the first 2 books & wanted to finish loving the 3rd. I just felt like it left me wanting more & feeling a little depressed. Anyone else finish the last book & feel the same? I guess I will wait to see what Jer thinks.


  1. Cassie I love the denied me comment...you are so funny. So we're going to be in Utah for 10 days at Thanksgiving, and I don't know about Christmas yet. When will you guys be there?

  2. I was the same way when I finished reading Mockingjay and felt like that book could have been twice as long because she hurries through everything so fast and I didn't even really understand what had happened at the end. The second time I read it I enjoyed it A LOT more (but I'm weird and like to re-read everything) so now It's definitely not my favorite of the three but that helped me to understand more even though I thought it was super depressing. I'm glad Katniss ended up with Peeta but I was seriously crying when Prim died both times I read it!

  3. I really loved the first and second books but was disappointed in Mockingjay. I got halfway through and put it down for about a month. I finally finished it, though. I heard they are making the series into a movie. I wonder how they will do it...

  4. tyler and i were seriously disappointed with book 3. book one- was like great, book two was even better and i was SO looking forward to book 3... and it was such a let down! I hated hated the ending. I felt like she never got to explain herself for anything, and that everyone just thought she was some psycho, and then whatever happened with gale, etc... Seriously. It was like twilight all over again- ok, so the last twilight was way worse, but still. Bad. I should read it again though, but it was just so disappointing.

  5. I know this may come as a complete surprise (since we don't think at all alike ;)) but I couldn't agree more. I pretty much hated the last book. I really hated how people were killed off with less than a paragraph of explanation and that was it!? I almost stopped reading it like a hundred times. I really wish the author would say, "Just kidding, here is the real version"...

  6. so I finally finished book three and waited to read your review about it! haha but I totally agree with you. I put it down and thought "that's it??" I feel like she was just rushing to finish it so she just cut everything off. So I loved the first two books and am just partial to the third. It will be interesting to see what kind of movie they make of it.