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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Mexican Xmas parties

So over the weekend we had to attend two of Jeremy's work parties. This is a picture from the first one:
 Though I am smiling it was not a happy experience. The party was supposed to start at 7pm so we didn't arrive until 8 knowing Mexicans are always super late (which I find to be a very tacky quality). I kid you not out of 40 employees that were supposed to attend we were the only ones there besides one other couple. (and he was the one who was in charge of the party!) So nobody even started arriving until 8:30/9:00 basically 2 hrs late, which was super frustrating to me since we were supposed to eat at 9! (Mexicans always eat really late which I also find annoying.) So I was starving, bored because I couldn't talk to anyone & Jeremy had to chat with all his employee's & started to get a major head ache probably due to the lack of food. So at this point I said to Jeremy "I seriously want to bash my head into the wall right now!" (you may have seen this posted to his fb) We finally ate at 10:30 & of course it was gross buffet food that reminded me of school lunch. After speeches in spanish & an awkward gift exchange we left around 11:00 because we were falling asleep & hoping we still had time to grab pizza (we didn't). So we heard they all got super drunk after we left & sang karaoke which I'm sure would have been entertaining, but my over-all verdict was that the party stunk. On the positive side I did wear my grandma's pin which I felt made me look very festive :)
I begged Jeremy not to make me go to the 2nd party, but thankfully it was much better than the 1st. It was a company party with all the employees. It was a circus theme, which all mexican parties seem to be for some reason? Everything was set up outside & the weather was lovely.   Kids were running around everywhere listening to the band, getting their faces panted, & jumping on those big blow up toys. They even had a mini mechanical bull. The food was also pretty decent. To top it all off *Santa came in on a helicopter which I though was super rad! So cute to watch all the kids chase after him. Santa was a chubby 24yr old mexican who works in activities. Super funny.

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