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Sunday, September 5, 2010

Sept 4th: A special day

Here are a couple pieces of our anniversary.
Jer had convinced me he hadn't gotten me a present because he hadn't been out of mexico. So I was happily surprised to find this on our kitchen table :) Ya he got me a cactus because you can't buy flowers down here. He is one of a kind, I will give him that.
When I was in Utah I had told Jer about the awesome college/nfl stuff on victoria secret. Apparently he listens to me sometimes :)
I made some awesome omelet's in the morning! 
Then convinced Jeremy that we needed family pictures every year. He was thrilled.. ha ok not really.
Sad-fully it didn't work out, because it was super windy and so stinking hot so this is the only photo I got without hair covering my face.
That afternoon we played some good ol water volleyball & took third place.. ha I will post the pic of our team as soon as I get it. That evening we ate at the only restaurant I like in San Felipe called the Red lobster. We were bummed that they were out of Lobster though!?
That night we got really dorky that & pulled out the top of our cake. (Sandy had sent it home with me from Utah) Jer was complaining about taking these pictures but hey I get to have my way sometimes. 
I was so happy to pull out our mini me's :)
The outer part of the cake was nasty, but the inside tasted just as delicious as I remember.
So 1 anniversary finally over & moving on to the next. It's fun to have an anniversary, it's like an added holiday for married people. I just need to have a kid now so I can add mother's day too! Jk.

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