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Thursday, December 19, 2013

Kingsley's 18 months

Kingsley is such a ray of sunshine. He is so fun to be around. We just love and enjoy him so much! We took him to his 18 month check ups, and these were his stats:
Head: 49 cm @ 89%
Weight: 24 pounds @ 53%
Length: 32.5 inches @ 54%

 So he is basically average with a giant head, which was no surprise. The head he inherited from the Kemps :). He has the most beautiful big eyes and eyelashes from who knows where. He has my gigantic cheeks and possibly Jeremy's nose, but that's all we know for sure.
Kingsley's is such an easy kid. He sleeps from 8pm to 8am and is down to one nap around noon which lasts about 2-3 hours. He is a pretty good eater and is getting more independent eating with utensils and what not, although it is a huge mess. He is just like his father and loves sweets and sugars. He would eat cookies all day long if he could :)
He still likes to drink a bottle morning and night, I have given up on trying to wean him and figure he will get sick of them eventually.
Kingsley is such a little chatterbox. He talks non stop all day, and copies everything we say. He can't say his L's, it is sort of adorable. So he calls his uncle Landon "Shannon" and my personal favorite when he says "shove you" Which means love you :) He is so smart, but sometimes can be a little annoying repeating everything a million times; especially if we don't answer him right away. Since it is Christmas he likes to talk about Santa, presents, and baby Jesus :) 
He loves to listen to music, sing and dance. Lately he has been requesting dance parties at night. Kingsley is super into watching cartoons right now. I never wanted him to be addicted to watching tv, but it is super convenient with winter & a new baby. His favorites are bubble guppies, paw patrol, and yo gabba gabba.  (The last one is so weird) He loves to play outside so it's nice to distract him and cuddle him for 5 minutes since he never sits still otherwise.
Kingsley loves playing with any and all types of balls as well as making messes. Usually getting out whatever it is that I just put away. My favorite is when he pulls off all the toilet paper.. haha not! He is pretty good however at helping clean up after he is done playing if we sing the clean up song. Kingsley is such a sweet and polite boy. He is always saying please and thank you to me :) He also says sorry when he hurts Hudson or knocks something over. My personal favorite is when he says bless you after I sneeze. I hope he is always this well mannered! Don't get me wrong he cries occasionally & can scream if he is frustrated but for the most part he is a happy little guy.
Kingsley still loves all animals. Not in real life, but he loves to play with animal toys, make animal sounds, a watch animal videos. Hopefully one day he will enjoy them.
Kingsley is on the verge of being ready to potty train. He almost always tells us when he is wet or poopy. We have even put him on the toilet a couple times and he loves to wipe and flush. It will be so nice to not have two kids in diapers. He wears a size 4 diapers. He wears size 18-24 month clothing and size 5 shoes. Little guy is definitely growing! Side note Kingsley has the stinkiest feet there is.

Kingsley is a really social little guy and loves to visit his grandma & grandpa's. He sometimes doesn't even want to go home with us after visiting.
Kingsley is such a good big brother. He loves to give Hudson hugs and kisses and for the most part is really soft with him. He is always concerned when Hudson is crying. He looks at me with a worried face and says "baby sad?" I am really so lucky he deals with Hudson taking a lot of my time so well. It's like he totally understands that I need to give Hudson attention, and he let's me and is so sweet. If only I could teach him to be "quiet" while the baby is sleeping. I am so lucky to have this little buddy in my life. He has such a fun personality and it is so fun to watch him learn and grow.

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