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Monday, December 23, 2013

Hudson is two months

And just like that Hudson is two months old!
His stats were:

Weight: 12 pounds 3 oz @ 44%
Height: 23.5 inches @ 70%
Head: 15.75in @ 74%
I know I'm his mom, but Hudson is such a handsome little guy! With all his hair, petite features, and long eye lashes he's just so suave looking :) He for sure has his dads chin, head shape, and eye lashes. He has the same nose as Kingsley which I am undecided where that comes from. Not sure I see any of myself in him yet except that we both have blue eyes.
At about a month and a half Hudson took a turn for the better! It was crazy, all the sudden he just stopped being so fussy & got better & better each day. Still not even sure what was causing him to be so unhappy, but we are stoked he has grown out of it. Don't get me wrong he still has an episode here or there but they only last about 15mins and then he always calms down. When he is awake he is such a happy baby. This is crazy for me to say, but he might be even more smiley than Kingsley was! He loves to be talked to. He will smile & almost laugh. He also makes the sweetest cooing sounds when he is trying to talk back. During the day he has got a ton easier, where I don't have to hold him all the time. He will sleep in his mamaroo or my bed, and can even fall asleep on his own some of the time. If he is tired he loves to sleep in his car seat. It is so nice because he will fall asleep so quickly and I can transfer the car seat anywhere and he will remain asleep. Kingsley would never do that, he would always wake up the second the car stopped. Hopefully he is a heavier sleeper. He still isn't awesome at night, but is slowly making progress. He does about a 4 hour stretch, 3 hours, and then another 3 hours which put us up for the day around 7:30. So its nice the he has cut out waking up 3 or 4 times and is down to just 2. The thing that frustrates me most is when he won't go back to sleep easily. I hate standing up and rocking him back to sleep just to put him down and have him wake back up. He doesn't do it all the time, but it makes it so hard when he does.
He continues to eat every 3 hours and spits up a lot. I can't make it thru a day without getting barf all over my clothes :( He eats super quickly, anywhere from 5-10 minutes which is great. I am concerned however that he won't take a bottle. I was trying to be so diligent this time around with my milk supply and nursing that I haven't really been offering him bottles.. Hopefully I can get him to start taking them so I could leave him for more than 3 hours at a time. This little man is so strong and wiggly. He holds his head up so well, but moves around so much that I call him my little bobble head. I have to be super cautious while holding him or he will try to jump out of my hands! He loves to do tummy time and stand on his legs. He enjoys sucking on his fist as well as a binkie.
I could kiss his sweet cheeks all day long. Love him to death!

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