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Sunday, December 1, 2013

Hudson's two week appt

The time is just cruising by. I can't believe my little guy is getting so old! I need him to stay a baby because Kingsley is already so grown up.
I am going to try my best not to compare Hudson to Kingsley, but it's hard not to since that's the only child rearing experience I know.
Hudson is a pretty good baby. He eats really well which is a totally different experience for me since he has already gained a lot weight. His two week stats were:

Head: Average
Length: 22.5 Inches
Weight: 9 pounds 5 Ounces
(I forgot to write it down, so this is what Jeremy remembered)
So with his weight gain I am solely nursing. It is such a much better experience this time around. Nursing is so much easier and less painful. Although that is much easier, the fact that Hudson wants to eat so often can be difficult. He is a really quick eater only lasting 10-15min tops which is so nice, but he likes to eat every 2-3 hours. I know that is normal, but Kingsley always went closer to 4 hours and nursed for longer which in some ways was easier.  The thing that I really struggle with Hudson is his nighttime schedule. Besides the fact that he wakes up multiple times at night, he has the hardest time falling back asleep. He just wants to be held, and even when I think he is passed out and lay him back down he wakes back up. Kingsley just always nursed and went right back down so I struggle knowing what to do with Hudson. 
I know it will take time, but I just haven't quite figured Hudson out yet. He cries randomly for no reason that I can figure out, constantly seems to have gas, and always wants to be held. He is just so different from Kingsley so I feel like a clueless new mom all over again. He really is a sweet boy, just very unpredictable.
Kingsley is very sweet with Hudson, always wanting to know where he is and give him kisses. He doesn't understand how to be soft still though and wants to lay on Hudson or force binkies into his mouth.  For the most part he seems to like the baby, I just don't dare to leave them alone together anytime soon.   

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  1. Things with Kingsley sound a lot like how things were with Cole. I pray that nursing will work this next time around...it's refreshing to read that it has worked with your second! Sorry about the sleeping part...having babies can be so hard, and you said it just right, we all feel so clueless.
    Thank you for letting me follow your story...it gives me a better idea of what things will be like for us when #2 arrives in a couple months!