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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

San Felipe Stragglers

I had planned to take pictures of everything in San Felipe such as our favorite spots before we left, but unfortunately that didn't totally happen. I did get a couple of our last Saturday though. I meant to post them sooner but with the move & everything forgot all about them until I uploaded some other pictures this morning. Anyways...
We got breakfast at the Road Runner Cafe one last time.
 The only American breakfast in the whole town, & sometimes you just need some gold old fashioned french toast.
That afternoon I headed to the pool to watch the old people play water volleyball while Jeremy golfed. The weather was so nice & warm before we left. I look forward to laying by the pool and eating chips & salsa with a pina colada next time we are there to visit :)
 That evening we headed to El Nido's which is my favorite for dinner. They have the most awesome steaks, fresh salads & salsa. 
We were happy to have Cliff & his family join us.
Sunday afternoon we took Diesel down to the beach. It's funny how frightened he was of the waves & water in the beginning, but eventually loved to swim & play in the water with Jeremy. 
Jeremy & Dies sitting in the back of our Casa :)
 Well there you have it, my last farewell to San Felipe.
See you soon old buddy.

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