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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

random happenings

So we have been doing lots of things as of late. Can't remember lots of them, but these pictures will help.
It has been so fun to be able to hang out with my sister in law Meg during the days! I have also got to babysit my buddy Hawkes while she works.
 Such an easy boy this one. One of the days I took him to the discovery Gateway with cousin Brooke, my neighbor Kasey and their 4 girls. It can a little chaotic with all the other kids & some snotty moms, but he had fun :)
 The weather was so nice last week Jeremy was in heaven golfing almost everyday after work. Diesel & I also enjoyed soaking up the sun during the day. One night we enjoyed a BBQ over at the Schouten's where we actually ate a whole cow. Seriously though my dad had brought over some meat, & I left it out to thaw thinking it was a couple of slabs. Nope it was just one giant piece! Delicious of course :) For some people this may not look too appetizing though.. 
 Speaking of food, I was at my parents house the other day & was shocked as my dad got out a salad for lunch! He has been working out everyday & apparently eating healthy too! So proud :)
 Another proud moment.. So I swear most parents or older people in general tend to get less & less fashionable as they age right? Well not my parents, seems as if they just get more cool & trendy all the time! I mean they even picked these outfits out on their own :)
 My stylish mother in jcrew at the new city creek, & my father rocking a preppy look at work. So proud of these too. Of course I would still love them just the same if they dressed like weirdo's :) Now I just need to work on Jeremy. It's not totally his fault, since I purchase 95% of his clothes, I just don't know how to dress boys I guess.

Saturday we ventured out to the Pac 12 gymnastics championships meet which was tons of fun. Sadly the U didn't take 1st they barely took second by a couple points. It was so hot in the arena, so my sweet husband scored me a smoothie :) I swear he is actually really photogenic, so I don't know why he always chooses to look like a creep!
Sunday we ate & ate until both of us had acquired food babies. Here is the meal I made for lunch, then we also had some wonderful tri-tip over at the Schoutens for dinner. I'm pretty sure I didn't do anything Monday because I was a food coma!
Other happenings I don't have pictures of:
last weekend we went to Prezley's cheer competition at the salt palace. It's weird how many of my own I have been to, but don't really enjoy them now. It's so loud & crowded, gives me anxiety.
Chris, Amy & the boys came to Utah for a visit! The whole clan made a trip to Teppanyakis of course :) Truman was really nervous about the fire, while Teddy on the other hand enjoyed it by eating everything he could! 
Amy as well as Meghan were gracious enough to help me stencil the nursery last week. It kind of took forever, so I don't know what I would have done without them!
Jer & I can't believe how fast the time is flying by! Only 8 more weeks of pregnancy?? It just cant be right.. Ahh nervous!

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  1. Glad I got to see you at the gateway, and that you could experience the snotty moms :) Love the pictures of your parents! I love going to the gymnastics meets! Did you register somewhere for you baby shower?