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Friday, March 30, 2012

Nursery progress

I have been debating whether or not to unveil the stencil we painted in the nursery this early or not.. But I am so excited about it I can't wait! Plus I'm sure I will probably have lots of other nursery/baby related updates I will want to post in the future.
So here it is!
The lighting in the before & after shots are poor since I forgot to open the shutters for some reason but you get the idea :) I absolutely loved how the finished stencil turned out! I was originally going to do a metallic paint but chickened out at the last second.. Maybe next time ;)
I can't thank my sister in laws Amy & Meghan enough for all the time an effort they put into helping me. Seriously I have the best family ever! We knocked it out in one day, but it was a good 7 hours before I finished. It's always a little harder then you think!
Anyways this is my new favorite room in the house, I love to just sit & stare at the wall.
Hope the little man enjoys grey geometrics!

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  1. In LOVE with that wall! I'm so jealous of your creativity