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Monday, July 19, 2010

We almost made it back to Mexico..

So just as we got off our flight from Salt Lake to Long beach Jeremy got a phone call.
We were prepared & planning on driving down to San Felipe that monday. 
Well Jeremy's boss called to tell him he needed to fly out to mexico city that next day for a meeting.
So there I was stranded in Cali. Happily I might add.:)
Amy (my sister in-law) thankfully took me in.
I got to hang out with my cute nephew Truman. He is such a riot. He is such a little talker!
This kid seriously will be smarter then me within the next five years.
Luckily the next day Amy had a sitter & jer around to watch Truman so we made a trip to L.A!
I have been thru Los Angeles but never actually IN it. So she needed to go to some home decor stores so I gladly accompanied her.
It was so fun minus the 2 hour traffic on the way back. Though we weren't in the downtown part I kept telling Amy how I expected to see some weird things and people that I could look at and say "Oh they are FOR SURE from L.A..."
I guess since I hear so much about people from L.A. that I expected aliens or something? So I was happy though when I saw an old lady sporting this fabulous purse.. haha

Anyways we also stopped by the biggest Anthropologie store I have ever been in. Two stories! I was in clothing heaven. I currently have 49 things in my online shopping cart right now, & I can only afford about 2 items per month so... Ya you can do the math & see the dilemma I'm in.
We had fun in all the cool furniture stores, Amy has very modern taste so its fun to go with her & see what she likes. I still have a mix of asian, vintage, modern taste that decorating a house my just look random at this point.

Me & Amy down by the ocean.

Im so excited because Amy & I will be going to L.A. again this weekend for the Renegade Craft Fair!

I am so so so pumped. It's gonna be craft heaven!!! I will take tons of photos & post about all the fun things I saw & hopefully bought!

I just read this book and am absolutely obsessed!!! I have just recently (since living in the middle of nowhere, with nothing to do) become a reader. I am going thru probably a book a week. So not that I have many books under my belt besides the ones I have read this year I must say this book is one of my favorites. My mother in-law suggested it and wow is it a gem! Take my advice & read it, you will love it! I am dying to get up the states so I can buy the 2nd book.
For all of you hills fans (sigh.. it's over now) you might recognize this lady..

That's right it's the scary but somehow lovable boss Kelly Cutrone. This is what I am currently reading. It is so blunt, no BS awesomeness on how to live your life. I can't say it's all that helpful to me in particular since I live in the opposite of New York's booming fashion district, & always shy away from confrontation. I do however share her views on honesty even though it sometimes drives my husband crazy. ( Sorry hun but when your outfit looks stupid I feel like it's my job to tell you the truth.)
Anyways it's very entertaining to read about how she came to where she is now with being homeless, having an abortion, 2 divorces and so on and so forth.
WARNING: If you know anything about Kelly you may know she loves to use profane language, & her book has some expected naughty words. Just FYI.
Well thats  about it.

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  1. The second book is WAY better than the first... Hunger Games is my new favorite series, and the 3rd comes out in August. So good!