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Friday, July 16, 2010

Other fun things in Utah..

So much happened in Utah it's hard to remember everything but I am going to try my best.
First things first.. Kaysville just upgraded. Big time! They now are slightly more up to date with the rest of the world because they now have frozen yogurt!
So exciting. Pictured above is original tart flavor with strawberries, granola, & chunks of cheesecake.
It seriously is heaven.

I also got to spend time with my grandma & grandpa Ballam. They are such special people in my life. It almost breaks my heart to spend time with them though, because I see how fragile they are becoming and it reminds me I don't have much time left with them.

This night I went with them to the musical Annie get your gun. It was very enjoyable, and their front row seats make it that much better. They are also sweet enough to give us one dollar for a treat :)

The next day the took all the near by daughter's and grand daughter's to lunch at robintino's. It was my grandpa's treat, because he wanted to let us know how much he appreciated all the women in his life. He talked about tacy, his mom, and even her mom, and how they influenced his life. He talked about all the support women have given him, and it's always nice to hear about how important you are to someone. He also told each of us grand daughter's a memory that included us. It was a fun lunch that I will never forget. Thanks Grandpa!

On another afternoon I got to go over and spend time with my brother Nick, Erin &  Atlas.

Man I love this kid he is so cute. It is always fun to be with these guys especially one on one because my family is getting so big it's hard to get quality time with everyone. Erin & I also went to the craft store to get some items to decorate her house. She is so creative I hope one day to have my own house so her & I can decorate it, and she will know how to help me do it myself.

Last but not least my whole family went to the movie....

(except Jer who wasn't in town yet)
And you may not believe me but he was very sad he missed it. He actually did read all the books & really liked them.
So I thought this was by far the BEST movie of them all. Though it still had cheesy moments and a pretty anti climatic end, I still thought it was pretty awesome. I mean come on it's like you can't really be disappointed by the nerdyness of it, it involves teenagers & we all know how lame they can be. Add vampires, werewolves, and a mormon writer.. It's as good as you can expect.
So with that being said and adding I think Kristen Stewart is an awful actress.. I basically loved the movie & found it highly entertaining. I think all the action in the 3rd book is what made this movie the best so you didn't just watch bella & edward talk and kiss the whole time. Ps there was still a lot of kissing in this movie, it was more awkward that the camera's were so close to their faces.
Anywho can't wait for the next movie!

I found this when I googled eclipse & thought it was a pretty cool one.
Right after twilight I got lucky enough to get to eat dinner & hang out with Kendall, Bryce, Landon, Meg & others. Kendall used to be basically my neighbor. We would always hang out and go to concerts. He was even a man maid at my wedding :)

I miss my buddy. Kendall moved away shortly after I moved away & it's so sad. So I was happy to get to chat with him at dinner. I hope to take a trip & visit him sometime soon.

That's the worst part about moving is not being able to see family & friends as much. I always want to be there for all of them and keep a good relationship but it's hard when I don't know what is going on.
But Jer & I should have more permanent plans within the next couple of months, so I will be sure to keep you updated!
Love Cass


  1. I made the blog!!!! Love the pics...we are super cool people.

  2. Of course you did Kendall! We are super cool, & I miss you.