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Monday, September 29, 2014

Kingsley is Potty Trained!

 My sweet Kingsley is Potty Trained!! 9.29.14Seriously everything comes so easily with this kid I'm SO lucky. He has always watched mom and dad go to the bathroom and was very interested and had randomly gone poop on the potty a couple times. So we explained that he would get a treat (chocolate) every time he used the potty, and a paw patrol toy every time he went the whole day without any accidents. Kingsley caught on so quickly as you can see by his chart below it only took a couple days and he was potty trained!
He cared more about the treats and stickers than about the toys, but either way we were thrilled to see his cute buns in undies :)
 So proud of this little dude. He seriously made potty training a dream! We didn't have to use a little potty or anything, he is the best!
Crossing my fingers that Hudson is as easy to train as his brother!

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