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Friday, September 19, 2014

Hudson is 10 months!

Late as ever, but Hudson is ten months! I can't believe how much faster it goes with the second one!!
This poor little peanut has had a rough month. He basically had a double ear infection, and cold all month :( I had to take him in twice to get a higher dose of medication because he just couldn't get rid of the ear infection. There was a week where he had the worst diaper rash due to constant diarrhea, and he threw up a couple times a day. He was miserable, it was so sad. Some of it is because he has been sick, but this little one is super needy. He always needs me to be holding him, or near where he is playing. He can only play or entertain himself for about 15min max before he comes to find me. He very much wants to interact & be played with. He does not enjoy just exploring around alone. Sometimes he whines for you to pick him up, points at a couple things, wants you to put him down & then whines to be picked up again. he is nervous to be left with Kingsley because he likes to smother him, but he usually freaks out every time I leave the room he's in.
Huddy has started to talk a little bit more. Besides momma and dadda he now says "Huddy" and "ball". It is so cute as he sits and plays and says his name over and over. Hudson is also so close to walking! He can stand up all by himself and has taken 4-5 steps in a row. He loves to walk around while we hold his hands. He can be scary since he is so daring. He loves climbing up the stairs, up on the couch, or anything. 

Hudson loves to play with toys or wreck whatever Kingsley has built. He loves dumping out Diesel's water bowl & putting his hands in the toilet, the little stinker! He loves reading books. His favorite is "peek a who" which has a mirror at the back. Honestly when he's freaking out in the car (which he still hates) a book is the only thing that can calm him down an entertain him.
Hudson still loves his bottles. He will only finish 6oz or less in one sitting. He drinks about four a day, one when he wakes up, two before naps, and one when he goes to bed at night. Hudson is getting a lot pickier on what he eats. If I give him anything new he makes sure to pull it out of his mouth and look at it before he tests it out. He hasn't done baby food for a while now because he wants to eat whatever Kingsley is. For breakfast he usually eats oatmeal, but will occasionally eat toast or cereal. For lunch he likes mac & cheese, chicken, rice, chicken noodle soup, biscuits, or bits of sandwich. For Dinner he eats mostly whatever we are but especially loves fries & pizza. Super healthy I know. He especially loves anything he can feed himself and loves to use the spoon to suck off food. He still has no teeth so I have to be careful not to give him big pieces to choke on. He also loves to drink water out of a sippy cup.
Hudson's schedule is pretty consistent still. We put him down at 8pm and he wakes up around 8am. He then goes back down at 11 for an hour or hour and a half, I then put him back down with King for a second nap for an hour or so.
We just love this baby of ours, his sweet dimpled smile melts my heart!

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