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Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Potter's in St George 2014

Every year we take a trip to St George courtesy of my Grandparents. It's always so fun to take a little vacation, hang out with family and visit with my sweet Grandma & Grandpa Ballam. We were sad that Nick, Erin, Atlas & Cosby couldn't make it this year. We stayed in a new house this time that was awesome! It had a billion rooms, lots of space, and a pool in the back. 
First off we headed to the splash pad where the kids had a blast. They basically had the whole thing to themselves.
Love this sweet face!
Love all these cousins, but it's so hard to get them to all look in a picture!
They also loved riding on the carousal. Kingsley and Tanner named his horse Bobby :)

The kids and adults absolutely loved the children's museum. It honesty is pretty cool, and super cheap. The kids probably loved the grocery store section the best.

The kids always seemed to get extra loud and hyper whenever my grandparents came over which wasn't ideal. One night we took them outside so my grandparents could watch them race around on their scooters and bikes. The kids could have stayed out their all night if we let them :) Hawkes and Kingsley loved racing!
One of the days we stayed at the house to hang out and swim.
It was so nice to be able to go out and swim whenever we wanted.
Most of the nights the boys all stayed up late playing basketball.

One of the nights we went to Tuachan's Little Mermaid and it was amazing!! We left Hudson to be babysat, because the show was pretty late. Kingsley really loved the show since he has watched the movie a bunch. It really was one of the best play/musicals I have ever seen, so I was so grateful my grandparents paid for us to go. Kingsley talked about it for weeks after.
We brought a blow up toddler bed for Kingsley & he was super excited about it! He did surprisingly well sleeping in it too! 
Another great trip, especially thanks to my grandparents! They sure spoil us and it's def a trip I won't forget!

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