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Saturday, November 29, 2014

Hudson's first birthday party

We did a quaint little brunch for Hudson's birthday party with both our families and the Browns. I decided on a woodland themed birthday party since it's October & that just seemed to fit best since he obviously doesn't care
We had an array of delicious breakfast food.
I spent tons of time making these woodland masks but then couldn't really get any of the kids to wear them :(
Below is Hudson's announcement that I never got printed until now..
Jeremy & Kingsley twinning!
Huddy sure loves both of his grandpas.
Sweet Vivi
Hawkes was the only one who really thought it was fun to wear my animal masks.
Huddy only sorta got opening presents.
The other kids were a lot more interested to help Hudson with his presents.
He may have been most entertained with the wrapping paper.
Sweet Sevi
After a traumatic candle incident on Kingsley's first birthday we decided not to put the fire on Hudson's candle.
And I got lazy and just did a doughnut instead of a cake.. wa wa maybe next year
Just a couple shots of Huddy in his masks :)
Such a handsome stud!
We just love this little one year old monkey! It was so fun to spend it with family and friends!

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