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Saturday, January 11, 2014

Hudsons Blessing

We decided to bless Hudson the Sunday after Xmas while most of our family was in town. We went all out for Kingsleys blessing and I remembered feeling so stressed out that I could hardly enjoy the day. This time around was so low key and relaxed. We just got a bunch of easy Costco items that were easy and delicious.
Hudson was a gem & slept nearly the whole time.
Kingsley was basically a hot mess running around like crazy!
All the Potter cousins.
Boys galore :)
The Kemps
The Potter boys + Jeremy
Matt & Jer
I should have taken a picture of all the girls there, but it git a little crazy
This may be my favorite picture of the day. It just perfectly depicts our day to day life with two boys :)
I just love this little sweetheart!
This picture cracks me up when Prezley photobombed us.. ha
Don't mind my double chin
Hudson ended up wearing one of Jeremy's outfits from when he was a baby and he looked so cute!
He is just so yummy!
So "blessed" to have another sweet baby boy.

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