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Saturday, January 11, 2014

Christmas 2013

Christmas day was a busy one! I was so excited to see Kingsley's reaction Christmas morning. At first he just started to play with his old nativity set.
He was also pretty confused why Grandma & Grandpa were there.
Kingsley is not a morning person, and I think he was feeling a little nervous from all the attention so he was a little whinny & timid at first.
Luckily he warmed up and really loved everything he got. He really liked the bike I gave him, unfortunately it was too big so his feet couldn't touch the ground, but he liked having Jer push him around.
I just love his face in these.
His main gifts were the bike, a teepee, and these awesome chairs Earl & Sandy gave to both the boys.
Getting a picture of both these two looking at me is pretty much impossible. I ended up making their Christmas Jammies this year and loved how they turned out. Although Hudson has already grown out of his already!
Jer got the boys some Bears stuff of course.
King loved sitting in his chair and going thru his stocking. It was a little overload for him as he wanted to play with each and every single thing.
I gave Jeremy new dress shoes, workout clothes, and some instagram magnets. I received my college diploma framed, and gift cards for a massage, to get my hair done, and to buy house decor. After we visited my parents house we headed over to the Kemps to open gifts and eat lunch. I got all my spectacular clothes and Jer got a new coat and we surprised him with the new Xbox one we had convinced him was sold out. He was pretty stoked.
How cute are these stockings Sandy makes for each kid?
Obviously Hudson loves his.
Kingsley no longer cooperates when it comes to picture taking..
After a delicious Ham, funeral potatoes, peas, rolls, and layered jello we came home to put the boys down for naps. I rested & got ready while Jer got his xbox set up.
That evening we headed to my moms for dinner and to play games. We played a bidding bean game and I ended up with some yoga pants, gatoraide, snowman kit, and game. Jer and Meg basically won everything because apparently all us Potters hoard our money :)
It was such a fun busy day, I can't wait until next year!

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