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Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Oakridge Halloween Party 2013

Oakridge throws an annual Halloween Party and I was stoked to take the boys. They even gave us a private room so I didn't have yo worry about getting my new little guy sick.
Why is matching these two so much fun!? I made Hudson's pants to match Kingsley's the morning of :)
Kingsley loves giving his little brother kisses :)
Kingsley ate super healthy of course
Some of Kingsley's favorite friends, as well as Landon, Meg, Hawkes, Grandma Kemp, Grandpa Kemp who are not pictured.

I was so excited to get the Max costume from where the wild things for Kingsley since I had wanted it last year. SInce they didn't make one in Hudson's size so I had to improvise.
I'm just so in love with these two wild things!
We went outside to see the reptile show but Kingsley wasn't interested at all.
Running around like a monkey of course
These two love birds :)
My littlest man
Gweynn is the cutest ladybug there is.
I'm so in love with this face!
Good times!

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  1. Ohhhh my heck. Cutest costumes ever! I'm dying. If I ever have two boys can I please borrow? Haha... Dreaming! Love it!