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Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Kingsley's first Easter

We started off the Easter activities Saturday morning over in the Kemps neighborhood. Every year the circle does a nice breakfast and then participating neighbors set out eggs and treats for the kids to go around and put in their baskets. I thought Kingsley might be a little too young, but he actually LOVED going around getting eggs!
Here he is waving to us :) And below are all the neighborhood kids who went around on the hunt.
Kingsley is pretty much obsessed with his Grandma Sandy, sometimes I think he likes her more than Jeremy & I. 
He loved picking up eggs and showing them to everyone.
Isn't Kingsley's outfit the cutest? It is actually Jeremy's from when he was a baby :)
That evening we headed over to my parents for more Easter festivities.
Kingsley loves being around people and had so much fun.
Love this little bug.
I adore this little bug. We had wonderful food & a fun time hanging out with extended family. The older kids even got to go on a car scavenger hunt.
On Sunday we spent some nice quality time going to church, eating delicious food and hanging out with family. Kingsley very much enjoyed it all :)


  1. Love all his Easter outfits! He is so adorable. Miss you guys!

  2. Those suspenders!! haha so freaking cute. I love his little facial expressions :)