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Monday, April 22, 2013

Kingsley is 10 months!

Although I love seeing the progress of my little guy, I'm a little relieved to almost be done with his monthly updates.. Time just seems to be going quicker & quicker and it feels more like I am doing weekly updates though I know that's not true. Plus as he gets older he doesn't seem to change as dramatically as he did in the beginning.
Kingsley now is fully invested in eating solids. He wants to eat or try whatever we are eating. I find that feeding this chunk is becoming pretty expensive! He usually eats a whole banana or nutrigran bar in the morning. Though his favorite is a pancake, minus the butter/syrup. I try to break off pieces so he doesn't choke but he loves taking bites on his own. He gets so excited when he see's me pull out a squeeze pouch & that's the best way for me to get him to eat vegetables. He prefers fruits, but does like carrots and asparagus randomly. He also really enjoys yogurt & snack packs thought they are probably not the most healthy choice. He now loves anything that he can hold in his hand like crackers or gold fish. I have to be careful though because whatever he is not eating or holding he will throw down for Diesel & laugh hysterically. He will drink water out of a sippy cup though he would prefer to. drink it out of the water bottle which always ends in disaster. He just really wants to be a big boy & do whatever we do. He still nurses shortly in the morning though he is pretty uninterested in it now. He also drinks about three 8 oz. bottles of formula a day as well.
Kingsley really loves toys at this point though nothing keeps his attention for long. His favorite game is probably going in the bathroom to dump Diesels water bowl out. He still is obsessed with reading books and his favorites are: Brown Bear, Brown Bear, The Hungry Caterpillar, In my Barn, and Peek a Who. He loves helping to turn the pages & will sit contently for at least 10 minutes. Kingsley has mastered climbing up the stairs turning around and going back down. He crawls like a speed demon the second he knows where he wants to go, and still shuts every door. Although he gets upset when he shuts himself in a room alone.

Kingsley has gotten a little more clingy these days. Whether that's because it looks like his top teeth may be breaking thru or he is just more aware of his surroundings I'm not sure. He very much wants to interact & be played with. He does not enjoy just exploring around alone like he used to. Sometimes he whines for you to pick him up, points at a couple things, wants you to put him down & then whines to be picked up again. It can be frustrating, as I'm sure he is trying to tell me something though I have no clue what that is at this point. He jabbers a lot these days, he copies words we say often but never consistently. He mostly still says dada and ought oh. 

Kingsley is pretty consistent with his sleep schedule & absolutely loves getting in his crib if he is tired. We put him down around 8pm and he wakes back up around 7:30-8am. He then goes back down for his first nap around 10:30-11am and sleeps for an 1 1-2 to 2 hours. Then depending on how long he slept he goes back down for a second nap around 3-4 for about an hour. Not sure when I need to transition him to just one nap, but hopefully he will let me know.
We love this little bug and his fun personality!

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