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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

San Diego quick trip

Jeremy needed to head down for the Tijuana temple groundbreaking last month, so we decided to use our free companionship ticket & make a family trip out of it!
I was very anxious/nervous to travel with a baby, but honestly Kingsley did very well! The worst part was probably packing all his junk. 
He slept both ways on the plane. I was super annoyed on our flight home as we offered the girl sitting in between us the window seat. She then text her mom with her phone in plain view "Ugh sitting next to a baby!" Seriously how rude, when he hadn't even done anything, he never even made a peep. As you may have seen on my Instagram, I wanted to text my mom about that fact that she was way too chubby to be wearing spandex & had make up that looked a week old! So gross, I feel like we really got the raw end of the deal.
Anyways on a lighter note, Kingsley was very excited to get to hang out at his girl 
Samantha's house that was conveniently just up the road from our hotel.
 He also got to meet a new friend Eames. He was a little nervous hanging out with the older kids I guess.
 We walked to old town one of the nights for a delicious Sushi dinner. So great since I had been missing it all those months of pregnancy.
 The next day I meet up with Chris, Amy & the boys to go to the San Diego zoo. So sad I don't even have one picture of all of us, but it was a little hectic with how crowded it was! (Jeremy wouldn't let me take my camera on the trip with us so all of these are iphone pictures) Definitely one of the best work outs I've had in a long time walking around that place because it's so huge!!
That night we all headed over to Chris & Amy's hotel in downtown SD where they had the nicest pool. We were even ghetto & brought our own pizza.. ha
Rachelle & I pretended like we were on vacation in Hawaii :)
Moms & babies :)
Obviously I thought you couldn't see under the water...it was a little cold.
That next morning we headed to the pancake house for breakfast with the Kemp clan.
Where I got a german pancake bigger than my child! It seriously was so huge, but I was happy I almost ate 3/4's of it :)
 That Sunday we headed over to the Tate's to BBQ & hang out.
 Kingsley hanging out with cousin Truman.
It was so fun to see our California friends and family. We miss them as we used to see them often when we would come up from MX to hang out. Good Times.
 We had so much fun that we all needed a good nap to recover ;)

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  1. Flying with kids is the worst, mostly because other people are jerks, not because your kid is being bad.