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Sunday, September 23, 2012

Entertaining King

So now that King's older he very much likes to be entertained. Of course being held and talked to are his favorite, but these are a few of his 'toys' that he also enjoys.
 When he is very awake and alert he likes to hang out with his 'friends' as Jer & I call them. He lays on his play mat and just chats away. I would love to know what their conversations are about, but I give King some privacy. (I don't want to be THAT mom always hovering over him)
He is not in control of his hands just yet, but he does try to reach up and grab them.
He can stay with his friends for about 20 minutes, or until Diesel comes and sits on his face.
Mr. King also really enjoys his mamaroo. It was our first choice for a swing/bouncer and are so glad he loves the feel of it as much as we love the look of it. (baby stuff can be so cheesy) He usually chills in it while I am in the bath and getting ready.
I swear I always buckle him in, just not for his photoshoot. :)
I put this bib I had made for him on to keep his onesie dry before I took him somewhere.
I usually only put K in here when he is awake though he loves to sleep in it & listen to the waterfall sounds. I try to avoid putting him in it to sleep just so he gets used to his crib, but when I am getting desperate for a good nap I always know it is a for sure thing.
Lastly King obviously is still too young for almost all toys, but with his death grip that is constantly ripping out all my hair this little ball is his favorite.
 Sometimes he even likes to sleep with it :)
Well there you have it, things in Kingsley's world.. The life of a baby.


  1. Just found your blog, from off pinterest. I actually just ordered a baby cardigan off etsy & recieved it today!! It looks like the woman who made it did the same as you did!! We had a mamaroo but Matthew didn't like it very much it wasn't vigorious movement enough I guess, I just have it in the garage so we can try later!! Your little one is so precious!!

  2. lol!! & I just realized we have those gap shorts too!! I got them a while back & all they had left was 12 months so it will be a while till he gets to wear them :)