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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Island Park

Straight from Jackson Hole we headed to Island Park to stay at Vaughn's grandparents cabin. The cabin was old school & homey with a beautiful view right out to the lake. You walked down a steep hill to this dock.
We weren't on the boat much, but Kingsley did enjoy it and fell asleep both times :)
 Jer happy with himself after pushing Brooke in
 Emmy being too cool :)
 Vaughn enjoying surfing
 Jeremy also having a good time :)
 Celebrating Birthdays and such
 These recliners were the best things in the world! Seriously I wanted to just sit and rock Kingsley in them all day long they were so comfy. Wish I could find a cute version.
 Jer & Kingsley were sick which put a damper on things, but K still partied :) He loves to practice standing up.
 Still such a happy guy
 Sorry for the picture overload, but it's his favorite outfit & he wanted to show it off :)
 Family photo :)
 Bundled up for the night boat ride
 It was so fun getting to take a family & friend vacation, but we were exhausted once we got home! Even baby King needed a full day to recuperate!
Thanks Schoutens, the lake house is the best.

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  1. Cass baby K is so cute! Not to mention you're the cutest mamma...looks like a fun trip!