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Saturday, May 5, 2012

35 Weeks

35 weeks. Wow can't believe I have made it this far!
I would have to say I notice a huge difference at this point as far as pregnancy symptoms go. For example it is 5am as I am writing this post :( Things have started to get real uncomfortable in my world these days. Besides the spotty sleeping I have really swollen up in the heat waves of summer that come and go. I salute all you women who are pregnant during the summer as I can't take the swollen feet & hands and constant sweating. Also sitting up and bending over have started to become a real pain in the butt. I have resorted to wearing flip flops everyday, because without Jeremy home to put on my shoes it's just not possible at this point. I continue to have leg cramps & constant potty breaks during the night. I find that getting in the tub once or twice a day does help to relax my muscles, especially my back that gets sore often. I do have to say my least favorite newest addition is the double chin I have acquired recently. I have never felt "fat" being pregnant and mostly enjoy the big beach ball my belly has turned into. However nothing is more unflattering then another chin that makes it confusing where your face stops and neck begins. Totally grosses me out especially when I see pictures of myself. Yuck!
It's funny because earlier in my pregnancy I remember people (mostly woman folk) hurrying to pick something up I had dropped, grabbing me a chair like I would fall over if I didn't sit immediately, or just offering to do the simplest tasks for me. At the time I thought geez relax people I know I'm pregnant but surely I am capable of taking care of myself? Well not anymore, now I realize just how awesome those people are. Being this far along in pregnancy gets very hard. It's all good though because as my doctor says often I would probably just want to keep this little guy inside if he wasn't making me so uncomfortable. My response has just recently changed to the question from people "Are you ready to get that baby out?" As of a week ago I would have said no way, I'm nervous and hope I carry him all the way to my due date (May 28th) Well today I can answer yes I am ready. So baby boy whenever you are ready so am I!
Now only if I felt prepared for what to do with this little mr. then I would be set. How have I been pregnant for 8 months & not got everything in order?? AHHH who knows if you are every ready for the addition of a baby but I hope to get as much figured out in the next couple weeks. Wish me luck!

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  1. Oh Cassie.. the end is sheer misery. I am hurting just reading this post. BUT I'm 3 weeks post babe and just so glad NOT to be pregnant :) Hang in there... be as lazy and you need to be. AND you DON"T have to have everything in order for little man. turns out all they do is eat and sleep for the first month... and don't sleep in their cribs :)