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Monday, November 14, 2011


As Jeremy left Utah early to head down to MX for a bachelor party I was getting restless during the days when my family was at work & school. So I was so excited to babysit Hawkes one day while his parents went out. As I have mentioned previously he is so easy. Very busy but fun and always happy. 
He played pleasantly in his crib while I vacuumed up some spilled fun dip. (Drives Jeremy crazy because I spill often, sometimes in our bed.. oops. But that is the treat that can always be found in my purse. Makes me happy though that my purse always smells like sugar :))
I tried to get Hawkes to play dress up..
but apparently he doesn't like to wear these tiny boots just chew on them..
Hawkes after getting bored with his toys decided he wanted to play hide & seek.
I guess it wasn't that hard to find him after a while since he kept hiding in the same place!
It was so cute, he would wait a minute behind the curtain & then pop his head out and laugh, then cover himself back up.
Simply adorable if you ask me.
Glad he kept me entertained. Love this little fellow!

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  1. Oh my gosh. Those might be the most darling pictures of him I have ever seen! I want to frame them all. Thanks again for babysitting. You are the best aunt ever and Hawkes loves you! Can't wait to see you again